Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick has some of the most highly qualified and experienced patent attorneys in Australia. We can assist you in all aspects of IP protection, including drafting, filing, prosecution, strategic advice, searching, portfolio management and renewals.

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications across a wide range of technologies, such as Chemistry and Life Sciences, Electronics, Physics and IT, and Engineering and Manufacturing. We can also provide advice and support in relation to other aspects of intellectual property. This includes managing IP portfolios and providing freedom to operate and validity advice.

With a proven history and strong reputation built on over 125 years’ experience, we manage our clients’ IP portfolios across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and South-East Asia, as well as globally through our network of trusted associate firms.

BEng(Hons) FIPTA

Greg is a chemical engineer and has worked as a patent attorney with Australian SMEs for more than 30 years. Greg’s broad range of engineering experience sees him active in a range of technologies, from mining, mineral processing and mechanical engineering, to general chemistry, surface coatings, optics and materials engineering. Greg also handles a broad range of trade mark work for his Australian clients.

BBiomed MEng MIPLaw

Michelle has a background in biomedical science and a master’s degree specialising in biomedical engineering. During her undergraduate study, Michelle completed an internship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research investigating colorectal cancer protein mutations in the Wnt signalling pathway. Her master’s project was completed with the Bionics Institute, focusing on automated processing of histological images to assess neuron viability. After completing her studies, Michelle held a position as a Biomedical Engineer at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

MSci, PhD

James has patent prosecution experience in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in assisting in the management of large patent portfolios, especially in South Asia. His diverse postdoctoral work at Monash University included total synthesis of the tricyclic marine alkaloids (-)-lepadiformine and (-)-fasicularin, and the design and synthesis of novel peptide analogues which have potential for use as non-opioid analgesics. He was also involved in the production and examination of several organometallic complexes for olefin metathesis to be used in production of functionalised nylon monomers.

BEng(Elec&ElectEng) MEng MIP FIPTA

Raffaele has a background in electrical and electronic engineering, and a master’s degree in engineering specialising in information technology and telecommunications. He has had over ten years of professional experience in protecting inventions relating to ICT, software and engineering.

BAppSc(AppChem) FIPTA

Rodney is the Manager and Team Coordinator of IP Organisers Pty Ltd. He is also a Partner of Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick.

BSc(Hons) PhD

Justin is a registered patent attorney who has over 30 years of experience in biotechnology, including over 15 years’ experience in securing and enforcing IP rights. He has over 15 years academic experience in general. Justin majored in biochemistry and organic chemistry. He holds a First Class Honours in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology, both from the University of Adelaide.


Ray is the firm’s Chemistry and Life Sciences team coordinator. He has drafting experience in pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, polymers, agrochemicals, nanotechnology, mining chemicals and cosmetics.


Brad is a civil engineer and deals with inventions across a range of technology areas including civil, transportation, geotechnical, solar and marine engineering. He has extensive experience in intellectual property (IP) both in Australia and in foreign jurisdictions, and provides his clients with practical IP advice on a diverse range of issues.

Bsc (Photonics) (Hons 1) MIP

Matthew has first class honours degree in physics, majoring in photonics and has over 10 years of IP experience. Matthew practices primarily in the fields of physics, electrical engineering and computer technologies, specialising in lasers, optical fibres, photovoltaic devices and various optical network devices for the telecommunications industry. Matthew also has a keen interest in the fields of nanotechnology and near-Earth space technology which has exposed Matthew to the importance of computational analysis of complex systems and problems.

M.Eng., B.Tech.

Intellectual property being a dynamic and interesting cross-over between science and technology, law and business is what brought Ann’s attention and interest to this field. Ann did her Master of Telecommunications Engineering (Honours) from the University of Melbourne after completing a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.

BMedPharmBiotech(1st Class Hons) PhD MIPLaw

Prior to joining Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, Leigh worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard University in the department of Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology and the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Leigh has liaised and collaborated with researchers and research teams across a multitude of research facilities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston), Dana Farber Cancer Centre (Boston), University of Adelaide, Hanson Institute and the University of South Australia.


Neil is a partner in the Chemistry and Life Sciences practice group. He has 20 years’ patenting experience across a wide range of chemical technologies, with particular expertise in pharmaceutically active small molecules, polymers and nanotechnology. He specialises in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals areas, where he assists clients in obtaining patent protection in Australia and other jurisdictions of interest.


Saskia is the firm’s Electronics, Physics and IT (EPIT) team leader and has over 15 years’ experience in intellectual property (IP). Saskia has extensive experience in preparing patent specifications, multi-jurisdictional patent prosecution and providing patentability and FTO opinions across a range of technologies including electronic devices, renewable energy, telecommunications, microelectromechanical structures, spectroscopic equipment, analytical instrumentation, optical security devices, signal processing, medical devices, software and FinTech.

BAeroEng (Hons) LLB (Hons), LLM (IP)

Duncan completed a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) majoring in aircraft propulsion, and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) majoring in copyright laws at Monash University. During the final year of his engineering studies, Duncan was published in the Journal of Applied Optics for his research into the characterisation of liquid surface acoustic waves using laser optical diffraction methods.

BE(Hons) Mechatronics MIP FIPTA

Helen joined the intellectual property profession in 2009 because of her passion for innovation and cutting edge technology. Since then, Helen has successfully obtained patents, trade marks and designs for hundreds of businesses in Australia and overseas in a large number of technology areas including automation, smart devices, medical apparatus, home appliances, manufacturing processes and equipment, subsea mining technology, automotive technology, audio signal processing, image processing, embedded software and control systems. Helen is experienced in drafting patent specifications, prosecuting patent application in Australia and overseas, providing infringement and validity opinions, conducting searches and providing general IP advice. Helen has also managed large designs portfolios for the fashion industry.

BEng(Elec)(Hons) FIPTA

Ross began his professional career as a Technical Assistant with Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick (POF) in 1987. In 1991, he moved to Europe where he worked with The Swatch Group in Switzerland as an in-house patent attorney. After returning to Australia in the late 90s, Ross worked as a patent and trademarks attorney before re-joining POF as a Partner in 2006.

BEng(Hons) FIPTA

Davin leads both the designs and sustainability & clean technologies teams. He joined Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick in 1992 and gained several years’ experience in patent and design searching in our information systems department.

BSc(Hons), PhD, GDipIP

Mary is an Irish, UK and European qualified patent attorney with over a decade’s experience in IP. She is also a qualified Irish and Community trademark and design attorney (EU), and an Australian and New Zealand patent attorney.

MChem(Hons) MCommrclLaw PhD AMRSC MRACI

Annabella is a registered patent and trade marks attorney specialising in the chemical sciences. She is particularly interested in the strategic role of intellectual property (IP) in the commercialisation process.

BSc (Hons), PhD Chem, MIP

Matthew is a patent attorney specialising in the chemical sciences and related technology areas. He works with Australian and international clients to protect their inventions across a diverse range of technologies, including polymers, coatings and composites, electrochemical devices, catalysis, minerals processing, materials science, printing and oil and gas technologies. Matthew’s practice includes drafting of patent specifications for Australian universities, research organisations and corporates, and prosecution of local and international patent applications.


Edwin is a chemical and materials engineer with a PhD in the aluminium production field. Edwin’s broad experience and expertise enables him to assist clients in a range of technologies from simple mechanical devices through to complex mining, metallurgical and chemical processes.

BSc, BEng(Hons), GradCertSocSc, MIP

Adam has a decade of commercial research and development experience and is qualified in both electronic engineering and applied physics, having obtained dual Bachelor degrees with Honours from RMIT University.


David joined the firm in 1983, but took a hiatus to work in the Intellectual Property Department of ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca) in England during 1986-1987.

BSc BEng(Biomed)(Hons) GDipIPLaw FIPTA

Alyssa’s technical speciality is in the area of medical devices and instrumentation. She is a qualified Biomedical Engineer with a strong background in electronics.

B.Eng (Mech) (Hons), B.Bus JD MIPLaw

Peter is an enthusiastic mechanical engineer with a passion for innovation and the law. He has worked on large infrastructure projects, delivering innovative and strategic solutions with respect to mechanical, civil and electrical assets, and has found his niche in intellectual property.


Scott is a registered patent attorney with over 18 years of experience dealing with intellectual property (IP) matters in life sciences. He is also the firm’s medical technology team leader and point of contact for AgTech and FoodTech related subject matter

BSc(Hons) MCommrclLaw PhD FIPTA GAICD

Mark’s work focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Australia and internationally, due diligence, freedom to operate and invalidity advice for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health and medical device industries.


Mark’s academic background is in computer science and electrical engineering. He assists clients in obtaining and enforcing their intellectual property rights in the areas of software, electronics and engineering. Prior to joining Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, Mark worked with a major Australian car manufacturer within their Current and Past Model Engineering group.

BSc (Hons I) PhD MIPLaw MRACI (CChem)

Leon has extensive academic and industrial experience in pharmacology and synthetic organic chemistry. Leon completed his PhD at the University of Sydney where he worked on a new synthesis for (+)-himbacine, a tetracyclic alkaloid for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

BSc (1st Class Hons) PhD MIP

Jon brings invaluable international and local IP-related experience to POF. His experience extends to seven years scientific research work in Japan, intellectual property management in the UK, and broad-ranging patent and trade marks attorney experience in both Sydney and Melbourne.


Debra has over 27 years’ experience in patents and trade marks. Her practice includes advising clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical industries concentrating on management, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. This includes drafting of applications, prosecution and all aspects of litigation ensuring adequate protection for the client.