Our full suite of intellectual property services are delivered through the skills and expertise of our diverse teams of attorneys and lawyers.

Proudly independent and fiercely client focussed, our strong reputation and long standing relationships have been achieved through our unmatched ability to identify, develop, protect, manage and enforce IP assets.

The POF Group is made up of three key areas of operation, each specialising in a different aspect of IP:

  • Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick (POF) – A patent and trade mark attorney firm specialising in obtaining and maintaining patents, trade marks, registered designs and plant breeder’s rights.
  • Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Lawyers (POFL) ­­– A law firm with a strong reputation in IP litigation and advising on and drafting IP agreements. With the majority of our lawyers being experienced registered patent attorneys with qualifications in science or engineering, our technical expertise gives us the advantage of understanding the key technical issues in patent litigation.
  • IP Organisers (IPO) – A specialist search and investigations company providing IP research and searching services, as well as IP portfolio audits and reporting services. As a registered investigation agency, IPO also has an in-house private investigator.

With a proven history and strong reputation built on over 135 years’ experience, we manage our clients’ IP portfolios across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and South-East Asia, as well as globally through our network of trusted associate firms.

Our Patent Attorneys are persons registered under the Patents Act 1990 (as amended), and our Trade Marks Attorneys are persons registered under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (as amended). Each Registered Attorney is bound by the Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys 2018 (the Code) administered by The Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board (the Board).

Our Registered Attorneys provide services via a partnership business, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick (ABN 91 823 913 064). Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick is part of an ownership group, as defined by the Code, comprising the partnership businesses Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick and Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Lawyers (ABN 52 585 818 643), and a private incorporated company, IP Organisers Pty Ltd (ABN 59 871 860 903).