Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick offers the full range of intellectual property services, from helping clients identify, protect and defend their intellectual property, ranging from patents, trademark registrations and design registrations to copyrights, IP litigation and commercialisation.

Key intellectual property services we provide within Australia and globally include:

> Identification of intellectual property

> Development of cost effective and commercially useful strategies to protect and enforce IP, both locally and globally

> Conducting various types of IP searches and watches, including:

–   Freedom-to-operate (infringement) searches

–   Patent watching and mapping

–   Patentability searches ie advice on the patentability of an invention

–   Trademark registrability and infringement searches

–   Design registrability and infringement searches

–   Continuous monitoring of competitors, their patents and IP activities

–   Searches for existing patents or technical documents

–   Subject matter or case specific watches

> Comprehensive patent specification drafting services, in all fields of technology

> Preparation, lodgement and processing of patent, trademark and design applications, both in Australia and overseas

> Preparation of drawings

> Dealing with examiners’ objections to patent, trademark and design applications, both in Australia and overseas

> Investigation and advice on the validity of the IP rights of others

> Advice on the allegation of infringement of patents, trademarks and designs

> Conducting opposition proceedings to defend or oppose the grant of accepted patents, trademarks and designs

> Enforcement of IP rights through the Courts in Australia

> Global patent, trademark and design prosecution services

> Licensing and contract advice

> Formal IP management activities, including portfolio audits, assessments and reports

> Negotiation and settlement of IP disputes

> Drafting of various agreements, relating to all forms of IP

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