Whether you are an inventor, an engineer, a scientist, or just someone with a great idea, having a patent will help protect your invention and provide you with a competitive edge in the marketplace. Effective patent protection also enhances your commercial opportunities, making it easier to seek investment from prospective partners or licensees.

As a patent owner, you have the exclusive right to stop others making, selling, importing, using or otherwise exploiting the patented invention in the country in which your patent is granted. You can control the:

  • manufacture of a patented product
  • use of a patented product or process
  • importation of a patented product
  • importation of a product made by a patented process.

We understand that an effective intellectual property (IP) strategy will cover more than just the filing of a patent application. Our aim is to make your experience in obtaining a patent easy and commercially rewarding. Whatever your technology, our specialist patent attorneys will work closely with you to ensure your commercial objectives are met and your IP is effectively protected.


Occasionally we are asked why you would need a patent attorney to draft your patent specification, rather than doing it yourself. To prepare a specification that effectively protects the most valuable parts of an invention, requires highly specialised training, expertise and drafting experience. It is as much of a technical skill as it is an art. Effective patent drafting must also comply with all of the requirements set out by the local patent office. If the application does not comply, it may be rejected. If the patent application is too specific or too broad in its description, it may not provide effective protection for the invention.

We take great pride in the quality of our drafting work. You can rest assured that no matter what your invention, we have the skills and experience to draft an application that is flexible and robust.


We take the time to understand your overarching IP protection strategy and business objectives before we prepare your patent application. This forms an important part of the filing process, as it helps us to ensure your application achieves the most commercially successful outcome for you and your business.

We have extensive experience in filing patent applications, and can arrange filing directly in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. We can also assist with patent filings in any other country where protection is sought through our extensive network of trusted foreign attorney firms.


Based on the particulars of your invention, we will assign the attorney or service team with the most relevant technical expertise to handle your patent prosecution. Your attorney will guide you through the examination process and manage your application in all countries where protection is sought.

Our specialist patent attorneys have the experience and expertise to manage patent portfolios on a global scale. We represent clients directly before the patent offices in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and some Pacific Island nations. We can also prosecute applications in any other country through our extensive network of trusted foreign attorney firms. We carefully select the foreign associate firm to handle your patent prosecution based on your specific technical area, objectives and budget.

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