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As a specialist IP firm, we offer you a comprehensive range of services from conception to enforcement. Our mission is to identify, protect, manage and enforce your IP assets, creating an IP strategy that is in line with your commercial objectives.

With a strong reputation built on more than 125 years of experience, we manage our clients’ IP portfolios across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and South-East Asia, and globally through our network of trusted associate firms.

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R U OK? Day 2017

This Thursday the 14th of September, as part of POF’s commitment to health and wellbeing, we will be hosting a seminar from psychologist Geraldine Nolan for ‘R U OK? Day 2017’. The subject of the seminar, ‘Connection is Key’, will touch on recognising the early signs that you or someone you know may not be travelling well, and how to have a conversation that shows your support. It also addresses how to overcome the barriers that might prevent us from reaching out for support, and the importance of staying connected with friends, family and colleagues.

Virtual marking – you’re on notice to try it

In many jurisdictions, damages as a remedy for infringement are not available or are reduced where the infringer proves they were an ‘innocent infringer’. To avoid access to such a defence, in the case of a product protected by a registered patent and/or a design right, the IP right holder can ensure that third parties are put on constructive notice of the existence of any associated registered IP rights. This is by physically marking the product with the word “patented”, “patent”, “registered design”, etc.