Christina is a Trainee Patent Attorney passionate about the translation of scientific innovation from concept to creation.

Christina spent 5 years in biotechnology research and development, first in the United Kingdom at Immunocore, a company pioneering T cell receptor-based immunotherapies, and subsequently in Melbourne at oNKo-innate, developing NK cell-focused biologics and cellular therapies.

During her academic career, Christina majored in biochemistry, molecular biology and chemistry during her BSc (Hons) at Monash University. She subsequently pursued a PhD and postdoctoral research at Monash University, examining the structural biology of intracellular signalling complexes and their dysregulation in cancer models. Christina was awarded the Stewart Stone Medal for her Honours research and the Monash Jubilee Medal for her PhD studies.

Throughout her research, Christina published numerous primary and review articles, on wide-ranging topics such as oncogenic protein modes of action; disease-associated amyloid formation; and therapeutic PD-1 agonism.

Further, she has acquired a vast array of technical expertise, including protein purification and biophysical characterisation; antibody(-like) molecular design and engineering; protein imaging with cryo-electron microscopy and x-ray crystallography; directed molecular evolution using multi-species biopanning; primary cell isolation, culture and profiling; and therapeutic testing in animal models.

Christina joined the firm in 2023 as a Trainee Attorney in the Life Sciences and Chemistry team and is currently training to qualify as an Australian and New Zealand Attorney.


Bachelor of Science (Honours) (2010-2013);
Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2014-2018)

Service areas



Life Sciences


Protein Engineering
Structural Biology
Molecular Biology
Directed Molecular Evolution