The CRC for Polymers was one of Australia’s longest-lasting and most successful CRC’s.  Bringing together the expertise of universities, CSIRO, other research institutes and industry participants, the CRC developed and commercialised novel research in polymer science in areas such as health therapies and delivery, water and food security, and low-cost solar energy.

POF was integrally involved in the protection of IP generated through the CRC for Polymers between 2001 and its wind-up in 2018, including for innovations such as degradable agricultural films and other packaging materials, water evaporation-control films, solar cells, functional coatings, and photochromic polymers, including for spectacle lenses.  Many of the patents were ultimately assigned to SME’s and corporations who have successfully commercialised the patented research.

It was a privilege to witness the depth of innovation in Australian polymer science research and to support the IP strategy of such a successful CRC.