Carina Biotech is working tirelessly to create a future where cancer is defeated through next-generation CAR T cell therapies.

At POF, we take great pride in our partnership with the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing and, subsequently, Carina Biotech. Together, we have safeguarded their revolutionary platform technologies and helped build their brand. Through this collaboration, we have successfully identified and protected Carina Biotech’s new intellectual property, enabling them to leverage their exceptional in-house knowledge and attract substantial investment.

Born from the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing, Carina Biotech has developed unique CAR-T cells that hold immense potential in treating solid cancers. With the sale of one patent portfolio under their belt, Carina is now focused on developing technologies to enhance access to and infiltration of solid cancers, while also improving CAR-T cell manufacturing processes.

By capturing and protecting Carina’s unique approach and proprietary knowledge, Carina have built a spin-out which has attracted significant investment and are about to undertake a Phase 1 clinical trial of their unique colorectal cancer treatment.  

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