Our pharmaceuticals/biologics team can help you:

  • protect and defend marketed and clinical candidate pharmaceuticals and biologics (active pharmaceutical ingredient as well as polymorphs, enantiomers and salt forms)
  • obtain follow on patents to formulations, new indications, dosage regimens and combinations, platform and manufacturing technologies
  • extend the term of patents for some pharmaceuticals/biologics for which patentees have taken at least five years from the effective patent filing date to obtain regulatory approval for the pharmaceutical’s/biologic’s use
  • map the patent landscape
  • understand the interplay between patent term including available extensions, and regulatory exclusivities (data and market exclusivity) which helps us consider the wider implications of the choices and investments that you might make
  • understand patent linkage
  • navigate patent and non-patent exclusivities to bring generics and biosimilars to market
  • minimise the risk associated with launching a generic or biosimilar without the licence of the innovator patent holder or without the innovators patent(s) being held to be invalid
  • facilitate settlement and licence agreements
  • with due diligence and litigation strategies

Our Team

BSc(Hons) Phd MIPLaw

Danielle has extensive experience as a patent attorney with expertise in patent strategy, protection and enforcement in the Biotech sector.  She has a strong understanding of global patent and regulatory exclusivities (including data and market exclusivities) and has facilitated entry of several biopharmaceuticals (including antibodies and antisense molecules), diagnostics, cellular therapeutics, and agricultural products (including transgenic plants) to market.

MIP, PhD, BSc (Adv) (Hons&UM), JP

Jessica is a PhD qualified chemist with a passion for working with inventors and innovators across the chemical sciences landscape.

BAppSc(AppChem) FIPTA

Rodney is the Manager and Team Coordinator of IP Organisers Pty Ltd. He is also a Principal of Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick.


David is an experienced IP litigator and registered patent and trade marks attorney who brings a technological understanding together with legal expertise to resolve IP disputes for Australian and international businesses.


David joined the firm in 1983, but took a hiatus to work in the Intellectual Property Department of ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca) in England during 1986-1987.


Annabella is a patent attorney specialising in the chemical sciences. She has drafting experience in pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, food chemistry, materials science and mining chemistry.

MSci, PhD MIPLaw

James has had a longstanding interest in IP after stints working in academic and industrial settings.  He enjoys interacting with inventors to aid them in finding success in their commercial journey.  He has experience in drafting, advising on, and prosecuting patents over a wide scope of technologies in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and at the USPTO.  He has further experience in managing a large patent portfolio throughout South East Asia.  He has a general enthusiasm for all things science with a particular emphasis in chemical and medicinal inventions.