TekCyte emerged from the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing and creates medical coatings to produce superior implantable devices by using world-leading surface-coating technologies.   

The cornerstone of TekCyte’s coating technologies, such as BIOINVISIBLE™, is their ultra-thin hyperbranched polyglycerol coatings which reduces biofouling of medical implants, reducing pain and medical complications, and can be functionalised for many other applications.

POF is honoured to have worked with the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing and continue to work with TekCyte, to safeguard their game-changing processes for coating and functionalizing substrate surfaces. We have worked with TekCyte to meticulously protect their intellectual property, enabling them to secure their competitive advantage. As TekCyte identifies new opportunities to apply their unique know-how to diverse fields and emerging challenges, we will continue to work with them to build their company and support their quest for innovation.

TekCyte serves as an exemplar of how proprietary knowledge can be transformed into a robust IP portfolio. We take immense pride in being associated with their exceptional team, as they pursue medical innovation.

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