World IP Day 2022 – IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future

April 26 marks another World IP Day – and we’re delighted to be taking part in the celebration and recognition of this important day. This year’s theme is “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”, shifting our collective focus towards our young inventors and innovators. Youths have always been an incredible and largely untapped source of ingenuity and creativity that can help drive real change in the world. Their fresh perspectives, energy, curiosity, and hunger for a better future are already reshaping our approaches towards innovation and driving big changes.

World IP Day is an opportunity to illustrate to young people how IP rights can support their goals, help transform their ideas into reality, generate income, create jobs, and leave a lasting, positive impact on the world around them. With IP, individuals, businesses, communities, and even national economies can thrive and prosper.

As part of our celebrations, we held a lunch for the team in our Melbourne office and asked POF attorneys Adam Pepper and Annabella Newton to speak on youth and innovation in the IP industry – who provided both a brief history of youth and innovation, and a look at some of the exciting work that some young companies and clients of POF have been putting together.

World IP Day 2022

Each year, World IP Day offers a unique opportunity to join with others around the globe to consider how IP contributes to driving the technological innovation that shapes our world.  We highly recommend looking at WIPO’s World IP Day Youth Gallery to see how young people are driving some of the biggest innovations in the world right now, and to celebrate World IP Day 2022: