Brand protection basics for exporters

mark application. For some jurisdictions, a trade mark applicant can file an application via the Madrid Protocol (‘MP’) to obtain an international registration. Trade mark protection under an international registration

Trade mark squatters in China

…China Trade Marks Office (CTMO). As a result, you could potentially lose market share, be fined for trade mark infringement, and have to fight the trade mark squatter through the…

King’s CANDY trade mark not so sweet

…software, clothing, and various sporting and entertainment type services. King already owns a trade mark registration in the US for ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Candy Crusher’, and a trade mark registration

Pisco trade mark attempt turns sour

…not certified. A standard trade mark distinguishes the goods of one trader from those of another. There are currently just over 550 registered certification trade marks on the Australian Trade

Win for the little guy in Apple “i” wars

registration of the Australian trade mark POD. Apple had appealed the Trade Mark Registrar’s earlier decision to refuse registration of the POD trade mark after Line 6, Inc argued it…