Santa’s isn’t the only naughty list – some companies seek payment for bogus services

It is the practice of some foreign companies to monitor the official records of Australian and international patents, trade mark registrations, and applications and offer to list or publish the information for a fee.

Some companies also monitor renewal dates of properties and send an official-looking renewal offer.

There is no apparent value in such services which have no official authority. We recommend that any such offers be discarded. 

In some cases, organisations issuing what may appear to be an invoice are offering a service, such as filing your trade mark in another jurisdiction. This service may not be wanted and, if it were wanted, would be best discussed with your trade marks attorney first. Services in this category are marked with a #.

Please contact your POF attorney or if you have any questions about this matter.

Those making these offers include:


  • American Trademark Agency (USA)
  • Central Data Register of International Patents (Germany)
  • Central Patent & Trademark Database (CPTD)(Hong Kong)
  • Commercial Centre for Industry and Trade (Switzerland)
  • Community Trade Mark Filing Support (UK) #
  • Company of Economic Publications Ltd (Austria)
  • Company for Publications and Information Anstalt (CPI)(Liechtenstein)
  • Edition The Marks KFT (Hungary)
  • European Institute for Economy and Commerce (EIEC)(Belgium)
  • European Trademark Organisation S.A. (Belgium)
  • Federated Institute for Patent & Trademark Registry (FIPTR)(US)
  • Federated Organization for Intellectual Property (FOIP) (USA)
  • Globus Edition SL (Spain)
  • Gaia Almanach (Hungary)
  • INFOCOM (Switzerland)
  • Institut of Commerce for Industry, Trade, Commerce (Switzerland)
  • Intellectual Office Property Register (IOPR) (USA)
  • International Bureau for Intellectual Property (IBIP)(USA)
  • International Bureau for Intellectual Property (Slovak Republic)
  • International Data Medium Anstalt (IDM) (Liechtenstein)
  • International Organization for Intellectual Property (Switzerland)
  • International Organization for Patent & Trademark Service (IOPTS)(USA)
  • International Patents & Trademarks Database (IPTD)(UK)
  • International Patent and Trademark Guide (IPTG) (Czech Republic)
  • Intellectual Property Agency Ltd (Belgium)
  • IPTR International Patent and Trademark Register (Germany)
  • IP Data (Czech Republic)
  • IT&T AG (Switzerland)
  • ITP-Register (International Trademark and Patent Register) (Spain)
  • Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd (The Netherlands)
  • Patent Trademark Register – Register of International Patents (Slovakia)
  • Patent & Trademark Organisation LLC (based in USA with a street address in Melbourne)
  • Register of International Patents – Office Data Management (Italy)
  • Register of International Patent Bulletin (Germany)
  • Register of International Patents (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and / or Austria)
  • Registration of International Patent (Czech Republic and/or Slovak Republic)
  • Registration of Trademark Selection (Switzerland)
  • Registration of Trademark Selection, Inc. (United States of America)
  • RPT Servis World Wide Patent Service (Czech Republic)
  • Société pour Publications et Information (SARL)(Austria)
  • TM-Collection Kft (Hungary)
  • TM-Edition International Catalogue of trademarks 2014 (Hungary)
  • TM Worldwide Lp (Hungary)
  • Trademark Publisher GmbH (Germany and Australia)
  • Trademark Renewal Service (TRS)(USA)
  • Trademark Selection GmbH (Switzerland)
  • United States Trademark Protection Agency (USA)
  • UPTS (Czech Republic)
  • World Bureau Intellectual Property (WBIP)(USA)
  • World Intellectual Property Database (Czech Republic)
  • World Patents and Trademarks (WIPT s.r.o) (Slovak Republic)
  • World Patent and Trademark Index (Czech Republic)
  • Worldwide Database of Trademarks and Patents (Czech Republic)
  • ZDR – Datenregister GmbH (Germany)


Prior to joining the firm, Russell worked as a solicitor with a major Melbourne law firm. His practice encompasses all aspects of trade marks, including searching and advising on the registrability of marks, applying for and obtaining registration of marks in Australia and overseas, and enforcement of trade mark rights.