Preserving and protecting Indigenous Knowledge

IP Australia has just launched its Indigenous Knowledge Consultation Report, which is looking at ways to improve Australia’s IP system in order to promote the cultural integrity and economic potential of Indigenous Knowledge (IK). The Report is the result of consultations with Indigenous Stakeholders on issues such as control, protection, recognition of, and respect for IK.

IP Australia has identified a need to increase public awareness of the issues surrounding IK and its use as a result of these consultations.  It intends to promote greater awareness of the significance of IK and the steps to prevent its misuse or misappropriation.

A full copy of the report may be accessed here and is a must-read for anyone operating in this area or those concerned about protection of IK: For assistance with any IP issues contact Anita Brown


Anita is a member of our trade marks team and has more than 10 years’ experience in trade mark clearance work, prosecution, oppositions and enforcement, both locally and internationally. She has also been involved in proceedings before the Australian Trade Marks Office and the Federal Court of Australia.