POF Client, Vincent Garvey, wins the Affordable Dialysis Prize, taking home US$100,000

V Garvey dialysis

We would like to congratulate POF client, Vincent Garvey, who was recently granted the Affordable Dialysis Prize for his new low cost dialysis system, which was unveiled on World Kidney Day. Garvey’s compact dialysis system can fit into a small suitcase and uses a standard solar panel to power a highly efficient, miniature distiller capable of producing pure water from any source. The innovative design is recognised as the world’s first low-cost dialysis system and Garvey was deservedly awarded $US100,000 for his contribution.

Currently, there are 2.6 million people with terminal kidney disease who require dialysis in the world. Just a year on dialysis costs approximately US$90 000 per person in the USA, and many thousands of dollars in low-income countries. These shocking statistics prompted The George Institute for Global Health, the International Society of Nephrology and the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology to establish the Affordable Dialysis Competition to encourage inventors worldwide to develop a dialysis system that can be sold for less than a thousand dollars with low running costs.

Vincent Garvey, a manufacturing engineer from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom, had little knowledge of dialysis or kidney disease when he entered the competition, but was inspired by the challenge and the chance to save lives.

Mr Garvey said: “The statistics are pretty chilling. We are not just talking about one individual, there are millions of people who don’t have access to dialysis and currently suffer pretty awful deaths. I have always loved a challenge and the idea of solving this problem excited me from the start. It’s incredible to win this prize but I am already focused on building the team to tackle the challenges ahead.”

It is hoped animal trials could start as early as 2017, with human trials potentially underway within two to three years.

We congratulate Vincent on this outstanding achievement that will significantly contribute to saving millions of lives!

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With a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) from Flinders University of South Australia, Alyssa has a background in electronics, control systems, physiology and anatomy, neuroscience and medical physics. She is also the practice team leader of POF’s Electronics, Physics and IT (EPIT) team and a POF Board member since 2022.