New Innovyz Commercialisation Program for Waste and Recycling Technology

Innovyz is launching their Waste and Recycling Commercialisation Program with applications open as of October and the program starting in February.

The Innovyz programs are nine month intensive programs to commercialise products, technology and ideas. They are designed for Individuals, Universities, Research Centres, Existing Companies and Corporate Spinouts to turn their great ideas into great companies. An Innovyz Commercialisation program provides mentoring by some of the best technology and business leaders in the world.

Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick (POF) works with the companies and teams accepted by the Innovyz program to assist them with their IP needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services to assist in identifying, protecting, managing, commercialising and enforcing their valuable IP assets.

The key focus of the Innovyz team is the sustainable commercialisation of globally relevant innovation. Innovyz does this in several ways:

  • through a nine month incubator program
  • focussed attention, training and restructuring of individual companies (our special projects division)
  • assisting these Innovations to attract the appropriate team, partners and funding, to accelerate and maximise growth opportunities
  • strategic mapping of the innovations future growth requirements beyond initial revenues
  • providing pathways to liquidity for investors via early listings or trade sales an
  • managing a unique and dynamic co-working space where innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and mentors interact profitably

The Innovyz incubator program takes ten companies in a defined industry vertical through an intensive process over nine months where they disassemble, examine and rebuild each business to become successful, sustainable enterprises. Innovyz investor partners are rewarded for facilitating candidate companies’ success by securing and sharing a minimum 10% equity position in all businesses entering the program. Working closely with key industry groups, Innovyz draws upon their networks to secure a wide cross section of high calibre applicants, mentors, investors and markets. We find that these deep relationships also provide potential experienced team members.

Innovyz recognises that candidates entering these programs are often missing key “pieces” of the commercial puzzle. In the first three months, Innovyz invest significant resources to identify and fill these gaps. A significant part of the program is geared towards using their extensive networks and commercial experience to help successful applicants build highly capable and respected teams. To help achieve the candidates’ business goals, the Innovyz program cultivates a contagious innovation culture. This creates a collaborative environment where, with stewardship and mentoring, candidates discover answers, solutions, set plans and develop the skills necessary to fill all gaps in the business, ensuring that graduates leave the program in a more marketable, investable and viable state.

BEng(Elec&ElectEng) MEng MIP FIPTA

Raffaele is a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent and Trade Marks Attorney with over 17 years of experience in protecting intellectual property rights. He specialises in protecting inventions relating to ICT, software and engineering.