POF sponsors the upcoming MAP MedTech Monthly Meetup at The University of Melbourne

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The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) is the leading entrepreneurial program in Australia. They organise a series of meetups and talks for special interest groups around the University of Melbourne. These meetups are designed for people who are interested in medical technology, healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship to connect and discuss topics that they are passionate about.

MAP MedTech is a new interests meetup group under MAP’s brand, which aims to help more people (students, researchers, industry people, etc.) to learn how to become a MedTech entrepreneur as well as create a platform to network with like-minded people.

POF Partner and leader of the firm’s Medical Technology team, Alyssa Grabb, will be giving a talk at the next meetup, where she will discuss topics such as:


  • Intellectual property protection in medical technology from both a global and Australian perspective
  • The process of application
  • At which stage of product development should they apply their intellectual property
  • An example of a case which demonstrates the significance of IP in medical technology

There will also be two other speakers at the meetup:

1. John Kurek – Investment Manager at Uniseed Venture, the Joint VC between the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland and UNSW. John will give an overview of Uniseed, successful cases and how investors select projects.

2. Mohinder Jaimangal – Director of Curvetomorrow, a pioneer company in digital healthtech area. Mohinder will talk about how Curvetomorrow tap into digital health tech area from a software based company and demonstrate some current startups they’re working on.

Event details:

Where: Alan Gilbert-Theatre 3, The University of Melbourne

Date: Tuesday 7 October 2014

Time: 6.00pm

How to register:

To register your attendance, please click here and select ‘join and RSVP’