IP and the AI Boom (part 1)

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We’re living through an extraordinary moment in technological history. From Siri to autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. In the past decade, the rise of artificial intelligence has revolutionized computer science and the workplace. By 2024, the artificial intelligence market is expected to exceed more than US$191 Billion.

POF will be hosting a two-part seminar with Senior Associate Helen McFadzean and special guest speaker and AI industry expert Jeroen Vendrig to discuss current AI capabilities, key ingredient for success, risks, patent protection and IP strategy. Please join us as we explore these hot topics in the expanding and ever-changing technological frontier of AI.

Seminar One – 13 November 2019

  • Narrow AI and Artificial General Intelligence
  • Key ingredients for designing a successful AI & risks
  • AI and computer vision
  • Data-driven approach and outcomes
  • Creative AI
  • Protecting IP for AI systems
  • History of AI development and current state of the art
  • Patent filing trends
  • What is patentable?