Business as Usual – IP Australia and Intellectual Property Offices of New Zealand COVID-19 Operations

IP Australia and Intellectual Property Offices of New Zealand (IPONZ) are currently advising that their services are operating as usual. 

Both IP Offices have also advised that an extension of time is available under the normal extension provisions of the various IP Acts and regulations in Australia and New Zealand.  These extension of time requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will require accompanying evidence to support the request as specified in the relevant Acts and regulations.

The relevant notices from these IP Offices are:


IP Australia

IP Australia recognises that the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented situation that may have an impact on the ability of applicants and their representatives to process applications.

Where an applicant cannot carry out an action within time due to the COVID-19 outbreak an extension of time may be available. Requests for extensions of time will need to be made in the normal way, accompanied where required by a declaration setting out how the COVID-19 outbreak interfered with responding in time. Requests for waiver or refund of the fee for the extension of time will be considered on a case by case basis as per our current practice.

Applicants should note that some time periods cannot be extended. Applicants should check with IP Australia or an intellectual property professional if they are uncertain whether an extension of time is possible.


Intellectual Property Offices of New Zealand (IPONZ)

All IPONZ services are currently operating as usual.

If circumstances related to COVID-19 have affected you or are affecting your ability to respond by a deadline, you may request IPONZ for an extension of time to meet that deadline. IPONZ will assess extension of time requests on a case-by-case basis.

IPONZ’s existing commitment to flexible working means that our staff members already have the tools they need to work remotely. We anticipate that IPONZ will be able to continue providing at least core services, should the need arise for all staff to work remotely.


This is a fast-evolving situation and may also change in response to changing circumstances in each country.  We will endeavour to provide updates as soon as any changes occur.


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