VC Industry Looking Up With the Aid of Australia’s Growing Domestic Start-Up Scene.

The Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) have released their financial year 2012 “Deal Metric Survey” which is a survey of Australian Venture Capital and Private Equity deal activity in financial year 2012.  The report is available here [PDF].

The report notes:

In terms of the VC industry, the value and number of investments in FY12 increased slightly from the previous year, with the aid of the growing domestic start-up scene. In addition to this, Government support in the form of the Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) programme has delivered growth in fundraising. However, as the IIF programme draws to a close and the difficulties VC funds have had securing money from the private sector become apparent, VC funds are increasingly looking beyond their traditional investor base for funds – targeting self-managed super funds, high net worth individuals and overseas LP markets (e.g. sovereign wealth funds).


AVCAL are upbeat that financial year 2013 is likely to be positive with many of the respondents in their survey commenting “if you are buying now, you are buying well”.