Sustainability/Clean Tech Round-Up

A breif round-up of upcoming events in the Australian Sustainability/Clean Tech space.

Australian Sustainability Conference and Exhibition

The second annual Australian Sustainability Conference and Exhibition will be held in October in Melbourne. Expect a “highly interactive, informative and topical conference program which will include keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions for 2013.” The full conference program will be released shortly.

Australian Clean Tech Competition 2013.

The Australian Clean Tech Competition is on again this year.  The competition aims to  identify the best way of addressing challenges of climate change and sustainability. A number of prizes are available to entrants including a business accelerator program, an investment show case and a market entry acceleration program. Entries close on 3 June 2013.

If you have any questions in relation to protecting Intellectual Property associated with Clean Tech or sustainability technology, please contact Davin Merrit.