POF to host BioMelbourne’s BioBriefing session –Health-Tech and Hype: Lessons from Theranos

The rise and fall of Theranos has seen the unravelling of this US based health-technology start-up, with the once heralded company now under criminal investigation and facing a class action.
We are proud to host BioMelbourne’s BioBriefing session: “Health-Tech and Hype: Lessons from Theranos” to be held on 5 July 2016. At this event, a panel of experts will facilitate a discussion on the lessons from Theranos and the future implications for IVDs, personalised medicine and “disruptive” healthcare technology. Beyond the hype, there will be an opportunity to consider relevant issues, such as how the legacy of Theranos will impact on the regulatory, governance and investor landscape for healthcare start-ups and the broader industry. Key speakers include Dr Alastair Hodges, Chief Scientist at Universal BioSensors, Ms Lusia Guthrie, CEO of LBT Innovations, Dr David Lester, CEO of NIESM Pty Ltd and Former VP Human Health Solutions, Theranos, and Mr Pierre Nathie, Business Development Manager at Universal BioSensors.

Mr Pierre Nathie and Dr Krystal Evans will also guide a Q&A panel session, covering the broader issues arising from this case study. The highly anticipated event is already sold out! We look forward to an informative evening with BioMelbourne.