POF reappointed to IP panel for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

We are pleased to announce our reappointment as a preferred IP provider for CSIRO, Australia’s leading national science and technology organisation. POF has worked with CSIRO for over 40 years. We are delighted to continue our strong partnership with Australia’s leader in innovation.

CSIRO is one of the largest and most diverse agencies in the world, funding research into a broad spectrum of industries from food, health and energy, to environment, ICT, materials and minerals. In 2019, CSIRO has been helping find the first gravitational waves in space, growing gluten-free grains, 3D-printing body parts and pioneering new renewable energy sources. With more than 1800 patents, CSIRO is Australia’s largest patent holder. This ever-increasing wealth of intellectual property is a vast source of commercial opportunity and has already resulted in more than 150 spin-off companies.

We look forward to working on more of CSIRO’s innovative technologies and working with the team.