POF hosts BioMelbourne’s ‘Hot or Not: Trends for 2018’

POF has once again hosted BioMelbourne’s ‘Hot or Not: Trends for 2018’. This annual panel discussion explores global trends for the coming year, determining what is HOT and what is NOT in 2018. This year’s panel focussed on what lies ahead for Melbourne’s biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. The event was a huge success, with attendance reaching maximum venue capacity.

The speakers this year were POF’s own Mark Williams, who spoke about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Dr Amanda Gillon from BioScience Managers who focussed on the sector’s investment outlook, Sonia Gowan from Illumina’s Asia Pacific branch who discussed the DNA testing market, and finally Peter Crock, CEO of the Cann Group, who presented on the growing market of medical marijuana.

We’d like to thank BioMelbourne for the opportunity to host the panel, and we look forward to working with them on more events in the future!