POF hosts AIRG roundtable discussion on innovation in the 21st century

This week, POF hosted the latest roundtable discussion organised by the Australian Innovation Research Group (AIRG). AIRG supports its members by creating opportunities for collaboration and facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring, allowing members to learn from companies similar and different to their own. The series of roundtable discussions are think tanks that provide an opportunity to discuss problems the members are facing in their businesses, as well as factors that make their business successful.

This week’s discussion focussed on “Measuring Innovation in Businesses”, and included the protection of intellectual property, of which POF Partners Dr Debra Yin-Foo and Dr Neil Ireland provided their expertise. The roundtable was a great success, with members attending from companies such as Textor Technologies, AMOG Technologies, Blamey & Saunders, Huntsman and more.

POF is proud to support an organisation such as AIRG, and is looking forward to the next discussion.