POF client develops emergency management solution

Melbourne based technology developer, EYEfi Pty Ltd, has created an emergency management solution which uses spatial video technology to locate, detect and track incidents in real time. Via an extensive camera network, the technology reduces the need for manual analysis of multiple information sources during a crisis, providing organisations such as emergency service operators with quicker and more accurate intelligence to support on-the-ground responses.

EYEfi have recently licensed the technology to Telstra, to power the Telstra Spatial Video Solutions suite of products. The solution helps to protect people, property and the environment through the capture of near real-time video, telemetry and environmental data with fixed, mobile and portable cameras. Users will be able to scan and pinpoint positions within seconds, linking near real-time video with relevant geospatial and environmental data to create a complete picture of conditions on the ground.

EYEfi Pty Ltd’s founder and Managing Director, Simon Langdon, said, “The partnership with Telstra will bolster our spatial video technology with its carrier-grade reach, secure cloud platform, and national scale. These features are of extreme importance when delivering situational awareness solutions to government and emergency services organisations.”

The solution has previously been utilised by the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission in their investigations into the cause of the 2009 bushfires. The solution was positively supported in their final report.

The technology also has the support of VicRoads. They have deployed the solution to provide real-time incident visibility, automating workflow processes and improving traffic management across Victoria.

The EYEfi system is the subject of pending patent applications in a number of countries prepared and filed by POF. POF congratulates EYEfi for the outstanding success of this technology.