IPONZ streamlines patent applications acceptance process

From 1 June 2008, IPONZ will be streamlining the patent applications acceptance process.

The current acceptance process includes an examiner issuing an examination report indicating that the application is in order for acceptance and then a Notice of Acceptance is issued by IPONZ some time thereafter.

In the new process, the examiner will issue the Notice of Acceptance when an application is considered by the examiner to be in order for acceptance. There will no longer be a separate examination report and Notice of Acceptance issued by IPONZ.

The new process will be applied to all patent applications where a response to an examination report places the application in order for acceptance and where a response is received by IPONZ on or after 1 June 2008.

Where an applicant has requested that acceptance of an application be delayed under s20(1), then acceptance will be delayed as requested.

Where an application is in order for acceptance at first examination, then an examination report will be issued providing the applicant with one month to file voluntary amendments or attend to filing of any divisional applications before the application is accepted.