Prior to registering your trade mark, it is important to conduct a thorough search of the Australian trade marks register to determine whether your chosen mark is available to use without conflicting with any existing trade mark rights. Rather than commit to one mark, it is often a good idea to draw up a list of two or three alternatives, in case your first choice is not available. Should your application conflict with an existing trade mark, you may incur unnecessary costs and delays, or your application may even be rejected. Further, if you have been unwittingly using a trade mark which infringes someone else’s registration, you could potentially be forced to stop using it, and you may even be liable for damages or an account of profits.

We provide comprehensive trade marks searches in Australia and New Zealand, and will provide you with a straightforward report on the availability of your chosen trade mark, as well as practical advice on how to proceed. We will also inform you if there are any conflicting trade marks or potential issues with your application.

You can rest assured our trade mark searches are timely, thorough and practical, and you will receive the most useful and relevant advice for your application.