“Software is eating the world” – Software, Copyright and how not to get bitten

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Whether it be software transforming and disrupting industry, or the all-pervasive use of software in our day-to-day working (and non-working) lives, the issue of using and accessing software has never been more relevant. Software, being comprised of source code, is generally considered a literary work in Australia – and to be able to use that, software parties should enter into a licence agreement granting rights to that software.

The terms of the licence agreement are critical in establishing the relationship between the parties, and to specify how the software may be used – sounds simple but there are many variations. This talk will look at the differences in licence grants, understanding open source software, and who is responsible for security and managing vulnerabilities in the software. We will also look at “Software as a Service” and how the licence agreement needs to change from the licence agreement for software used on premise or cloud hosted. Learn the key features of a software licence agreement, and how getting it wrong may expose your company to risk.