POF Seminar: Shaping up your trademarks

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The visual appearance and shape of a product can establish a distinct identity in the market place. If the visual elements of your product provide a unique competitive advantage, registration of a shape trade mark can be a highly effective form of legal protection.

This seminar will provide an overview of the requirements for registration of shape trade marks including what is required for distinctiveness in Australia, the United States, and the European Union.

We will also look at the most recent cases considered in these jurisdictions, and in particular, the question of whether the functional aspects of a shape can preclude it from registration as a shape trade mark.

RSVP by Tuesday 28 June,  to Luana Spadafora at marketing@pof.com.au

A light lunch will be provided. Please advise of any dietary requirements.

If any of your colleagues are interested in attending, please feel free to forward this invitation to them. This seminar is only open to POF clients and in-house practitioners.

Seminar attendees may be eligible to claim points towards their professional development/education. Please refer to your relevant guidelines for more information.