Patentability considerations for Medtech innovations in the COVID-era

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Healthcare has arguably been one of the most impacted sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medtech companies have developed game-changing innovations at a rapid pace to solve new problems and arm clinicians with technologies for the fight ahead. Emerging technologies – from ventilation hoods and 3D-printed PPE to telehealth solutions and AI algorithms, are playing a significant role in protecting health professionals and treating patients today.

This webinar will discuss recent Medtech innovations in the COVID-era, and take a deeper look into patentability issues that arise when attempting to protect medical devices. Patents for inventions in this field can be ethically and morally contentious, even more so in the light of COVID-19 and desired public access to innovations. Michelle Blythe will review the current practice of patent offices in major jurisdictions and provide insights into what can and cannot be patented.

The duration of this webinar will be approximately one hour. If you wish to attend, please contact us at: