Local webinar | Any license is better than no license: A practical guide to open source software

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Open source software and licensing has often been the subject of much fear, uncertainty and doubt, particularly from lawyers when seeking to advise their clients on their use. However, with the proliferation of software development through the growth of the internet, and the move to a technology driven society, open source software has an important role to play.

When we talk about open source software we aren’t referring to a single piece of software, we are referring to software which is released by the developer under an open source licence. Unlike proprietary licenses which are written by the owners of the software and can contain any terms and conditions, open source licenses have become standardized over time.

In this talk we will look at the origins of open source, the risks and benefits of the use of open source software including practical tips, and the importance of developers releasing their code under a licence.

The duration of this webinar will be approximately 1 hour. If you wish to attend, please contact us at: marketing@pof.com.au