Dr Corrine Porter qualifies as a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney

Congratulations to our newest Patent and Trade Marks Attorney, Dr Corrine Porter, who officially registered on 4 December 2014. Corrine has been with POF for three and a half years and is a member of the firm’s Chemistry and Life Sciences team. Corrine’s areas of specialisation include protein chemistry, x-ray crystallography, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals.

Corrine was awarded a PhD in Biochemistry and Chemistry in 2006.  Her PhD studies, undertaken at the University of Western Australia, focused on the structural basis for binding of a peptide inhibitor to proteins implicated in breast and gastric cancer.  She then worked for six years as a postdoctoral research fellow at Monash University. Corrine’s  research involved investigating the molecular mechanism of bacterial conjugation in the Gram-positive bacterium, Clostridium perfringens. This work was funded by an NHMRC training (Postdoctoral) fellowship.

Corrine says, “I look forward to continuing to work with some of the best innovators in Australia and overseas to gain valuable protection for their ideas.”

From everyone at POF, congratulations Corrine!

Dr Corrine Porter, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney
Dr Corrine Porter, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney



Ray Evans, Partner

Ray Evans, Former POF Attorney


Ray has previously served as the firm’s Chemistry and Life Sciences team coordinator. He has drafting experience in pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, polymers, agrochemicals, nanotechnology, mining chemicals and cosmetics.