David Carmichael IPTA Distinguished Fellow

David Carmichael has been elected to the class of Distinguished Fellow of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia.

David has been at the forefront of training and educating IP practitioners both in Australia and overseas in one form or another for over 40 years. His willingness to impart valuable knowledge in his own distinctive style has earned him respect and appreciation. This election of David to the class of Distinguished Fellow is in some small way recognition of and thanks for his important contribution.

David’s election is an honour bestowed on very few members of the Australian attorney profession. There are currently only three other Distinguished Fellows – Des Ryan, Trevor Beadle and David Fitzpatrick. Former POF partners Terry Collins and Malcolm Royal, now both sadly deceased, were also Distinguished Fellows. So, POF has a long history of its personnel achieving prominent recognition within the IP profession due to their valuable contribution and commitment to the IP space.

On behalf of partners and staff of POF congratulations David.