Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 7 June 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 7 June 2012.

The following trademarks have been opposed as at 7 June 2012:


Opposition Filed


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1439402 Athleta S.A. incorporated in Japan. Athleta (ITM) Inc.
1467508 Beling, Joel. Tatsunoko Production Co.Ltd.
1467506 1467509 Beling, Joel. Tatsunoko Production Co.Ltd.
1347061 COCHLEAR Cochlear Limited. Advanced Bionics, LLC
1430278 COCHLEAR Cochlear Limited Advanced Bionics, LLC
1424268 iSlider 1424269 iSwing 1424270 iRoller Elsema Pty Ltd Automatic Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd
1379841 BULIMBA 1379845 CAIRNS DRAUGHT 1379850 GOLD TOP 1461182 Foster’s Australia Limited Intellectual Property Development Corporation Pty Ltd
1471128 Fuxin Telent(Fujian)Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd. Lend Lease Corporation Limited
1451180 SWISSDREAM Goldkenn SA. Cadbury Uk Limited
1454283 HARDWIRED Hardwired Holdings Limited. Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.
1426022 Riva Window Fashions Pty Ltd as trustee for Riva Window Fashions Unit Trust. Basford Brands Pty Ltd
1457469 Southern Cross Recycling Group Pty Ltd. Green Cross Australia
1438948 Triple H Intelligent Control (Beijing) System Integration Co., Ltd.. Cisco Technology Inc
1382122 Thompson & Redwood 2001 Pty Ltd. NZ Petfood Cannery Ltd


Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1193657 APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society. Australasian Production And Inventory Control Society Limite
1364049 Baptist Financial Services Australia Limited. The Travelers Indemnity Company
1368665 BEACH BUNNY Chittenden, Angela. Playboy Enterprises International, Inc
1351702 Ume Dongguan Anwell Digital Machinery Co., Ltd. Cisco Technology, Inc
1426132 Freestones Pty Ltd. Bridgestone Corporation Bridgestone Licensing Services, Inc
1293304 Health Sharing Group Pty Ltd. Alaven Consumer Healthcare, Inc.
1391630 HQ Lounge Joannou Pty Ltd. HQ Network Systems, Inc.
1304917 LION Lion Capital LLP. Lion Global Investors Limited
1364306 Marlin Hunter Australia PTY LTD. Marlin Australia Pty Ltd
1378479 Monika Nominees Pty Limited. Ostindo International Pty Ltd
1379459 National Coffee Distributors Pty Ltd. Zumba Fitness, LLC
1345799 Pharm-A-Care Laboratories Pty Ltd. A. Nelson & Co. Limited
1377703 1377704 Racing and Wagering Western Australia. Tabcorp Holdings Limited
1371331 1371332 THINK FEEL KNOW Shirlaws IP av Ltd. Shirlaws Pty Limited
1414076 1414078 TAB Ltd. Sportsbet Pty Ltd
1202119 V AUSTRALIA 1211973 VB Ventures Pty Ltd. Virgin Enterprises Limited
1343872 VB Ventures Pty Ltd. Virgin Enterprises Limited
1343871 VPACIFIC VB Ventures Pty Ltd. Virgin Enterprises Limited
1418595 Watershed Drug & Alcohol Recovery and Education Centre Incorporated. Safe Places Pty Ltd


Opposition Discontinued


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1365044 Skoolsport Equipment Pty. Ltd. Red Bull GmbH



Opposition Dismissed

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1246511 Travel Insurance World Pty Ltd as Trustee for Unit Trust. The Travelers Indemnity Company
1242168 NOVA PIZZA SAUCE Verde Foods Pty Ltd. Global Food Distributors Pty Ltd
1317998 Cash2cash Service Pty Ltd. Currency Express Pty Ltd
1186119 KIMBERLEY ATTIC LADDER Kimberley Plastics Pty Ltd. Attic Ladders Pty Ltd


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1456974 TIVIZIO Alcatel Lucent. Vizio, Inc
1450607 ClearSafe Barker, Rosemarie and Barker, Geoffrey. Crimsafe Security Systems P/L And IPH International P/L
1340120 RHIZOBOOST Growhard Australia Pty Ltd. Canna B.V.
1425071 sferra Mahoney and Somaia Pty Ltd. Sferra Bros. Ltd
1299056 COBB Metcash Trading Limited. Cobb-Vantress, Inc
1444561 Mortimer, Murray. Murjan Nominees Pty Ltd
1321221 JEGGINGS Sanko Tekstil Isletmeleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi. Supre Pty Ltd
1406164 LA SUISSE SKINCARE BY VICTORIA’S ESSENTIALS Slater, Jeffrey and Slater, Victoria. Swisse Vitamins Pty Ltd
1318080 Solar Hut Pty Ltd. Rheem Australia Pty Limited
1351098 Storm, Oshyer. Treo Holdings, LLC


Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1175051 Attic Ladders Attic Ladders Pty Ltd. Kimberley Products Pty Ltd
1307705 Duramax Campbell, Roger. Duramax Marine, LLC
1276989 Golden Food Kitchen David Innes Pty Ltd. Golden Crumpet Co A’sia (Extended) Pty Limited
1343719 Martinek, Mary-Ann Museums Board Of Victoria And The Crown of Victoria
1343216 Martinek, Mary-Ann Museums Board Of Victoria And The Crown of Victoria


Opposition Rejected


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1366282 Yingli Group Co., Ltd incorporated in China.