Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 5 July 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 5 July 2012.

The following trademarks have been opposed as at 5 July 2012:

Opposition Filed


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1306468 1306470 ACTTAB Limited Sportsbet Pty Ltd And Tabcorp Holdings Limited
1306465 1306469 ACTTAB Limited Tabcorp Holdings Limited And Sportsbet Pty Ltd
1306466 ACTTAB Limited Sportsbet Pty Ltd And Tabcorp Holdings Limited
1445621 Appointuit Australian Medical Consulting Group Pty Ltd. Intuit Inc.
1355619 The Towers of Chevron Renaissance 1355623 Bondcrown Pty Ltd. Renaissance Hotel Holdings, Inc
1479025 CHANTELLE Dunelm Optical Co Limited. Chantelle
1443889 Executive Pursuit Pty Ltd and Gerritse, Deborah. PENGUIN BOOKS LTD
1463080 Experienced apples Pty Ltd. Apple Inc.
1391301 LE GEAR G8 PTY. LTD. Light Path Innovations Pty Ltd
1462380 HEAVY WATER Heavy Water International AS. Bassam Elkhechen
1361211 JBS MASTERS SERIES J Blackwood & Son Pty Ltd. Masters Home Improvement Australia Pty Ltd
1461928 FOUR LOKO Jandegian, Garrett. Phusion Projects, LLC
1462005 Kallinen, Ari. Hur OY
1460601 Mappin & Webb Limited and Mappin & Webb Limited. Federation Of The Swiss Watch Industry Fh And Watches Of Switzerland
1458547 Mobilligence Onebi Pty Limited. Billigence Pty Ltd
1451455 MOVILAX Petrus Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. Velinor Ag
1468490 Ravic, Steve. Id&Q Licenties BV
1461102 The Station Agency Richards, Adrian and Cassidy, Ian. Phd Creative Pty Ltd
1469605 EIDON SGS Sports Inc. Edun Apparel Limited
1468154 Select GmbH Unternehmen fur Zeitarbeit. Hot Tuna IP Limited
1463484 SoSharp Corporation Pty Ltd. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
1437662 PlumbAssist Sydney Water Corporation. Plumbassist Pty Ltd
1425180 The Holding Pattern Pty Ltd. Rdio, Inc.


Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1448163 Brookfarm GranOHlaah 1448198 1448199 Brookfarm Pty Ltd. Australasian Conference Association Limited
1441008 Brookfarm Pty Ltd. Australasian Conference Association Limited t/a Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company
1389176 Council of Newington College. Anritsu Corporation
1425359 CLEVALINK Davey Water Products Pty Ltd. Hayward Industries, Inc. And Clevaquip Pty Ltd
1376958 Flexicut Eurenco. Orica Explosives Technology Pty Ltd
1435409 Ghattas, Anthony. Southcorp Brands Pty Limited
1398919 Global Innovations for Fair Trade. Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Ltd
1373578 QUALIS Kohler France a Societe par Actions Simplifiee. Aqualisa Products Limited
1383055 Lotus Stenton Properties Pty Limited. Group Lotus PLC
1435540 RETRO MUTAGEN OOZE Viacom Overseas Holdings C.V.. Maria Christofis And Nikitas Christofis
1417414 Xtreme Power Inc. incorporated in the State of Delaware. XP Plc
1375392 LITTLE CLEVER DRINKS Zag Beverages Pty Ltd. Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1392846 Aoly Group Pty Ltd. PJ SAS Trading Pty Ltd
1415357 Aerosport Aviation Pty Ltd. Aerosport Aviation Limited
1443384 Charrington, Adam Leonard. Total SA
1300808 SafePayMe Pty Ltd. Pay Me Australia Pty Ltd And Ian Lindgren


Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1165707 Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Natural Balance Pet Foods Australia Pty Ltd And Prime Foods Exports Pty Ltd
1165708 DICK VAN PATTEN’S NATURAL BALANCE Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Prime Foods Exports Pty Ltd And Natural Balance Pet Foods Australia Pty Ltd
1301668 JETSTAR N.V. Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company. Qantas Airways Limited
1371957 Shen Zhen Winstar Co., Ltd.. Billionaire TradeMarks B.V.


Opposition Rejected


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1370743 Harbin Brewing Co., Ltd..