Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 27 June 2013

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 27 June 2013.

If you wish to oppose the registration of trade marks of others, or if your own applications have been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Trademark Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ATMOSS for the current status of any of the trademarks below.

Opposition Filed

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1522381 ORBIT ALDI Foods Pty Ltd. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
1408025 AXIS AXIS Specialty Europe SE. AXA
1518763 Bestjet Travel Pty Ltd. Jetset Travelworld Limited
1515690 Lash envy Brundell, Deborah. Hair & Lash Envy Pty Ltd
1507473 Cathrence Pty Ltd as trustee for Settlement of James Brian Hamilton. Willow Ware Australia Pty Ltd
1521167 McSlider Coffee Cartel Pty Ltd. MCD Asia Pacific LLC
1517803 THE INNOCENTS Cracknell, Greg and Smith, Robert and Touber, Charles. David Minchin
1505301 Walk4Life Cure For Life Foundation. American Cancer Society, Inc.
1522588 Knoxnick Elodeon Direct Personnel Services Pty Ltd. Viacom International Inc.
1471306 Flax, Gary. NHS, INC.
1501326 DIRECTORS CUT Great Southern Distilling Company Nominees Pty Ltd as trustee for the SF Trust (No 2) Heartland Wines Pty Ltd
1521667 Hilder, David. Wi-Fi Alliance
1519360 Hypnosmoke Australia Pty Ltd. The Michael Newton Institute For Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, Inc.
1517325 Jewelsnloo Pty Ltd. Allied Consolidated Limited
1521371 Green Painter John Crawford Painting Pty Ltd. GreenPainters Ltd
1515358 ORLIMAR King Par, LLC. Brosnan Golf Pty Ltd
1511938 Knight, Thomas and Wooler, Adam and Hudson, Jennifer and Dalais, William. Neato Robotics, Inc
1521011 MONSTER HEALTH FOOD CO Lauman, Trevor and Lauman, Kim. Monster Energy Company
1524693 Loblaws Inc.. Gaz & Jo Intellectual Property Holdings Limited
1394487 Nikkon Lighting Pty Ltd. NIKON Corporation
1521058 Pantelic, Nikola. CBD Sports & Manipulative Physiotherapy Clinic Pty Ltd
1397722 PROGRESSIVE Progressive Direct Insurance Company. Progressive Pty Ltd
1483880 PROTEUM Proteum Software Pty Limited. Proteus Digital Health, Inc.
1514517 1517023 Qantas Airways Limited. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited
1484893 Soft Integrated Sp. z o.o.. Square, Inc.
1531146 BEAST USA Nutraceuticals Group, Inc.. Monster Energy Company
1516162 Gel Teq Umseher, John Patrick and Cohen, Mark Robert. Technogel GMBH


Opposition Discontinued (Proceeding to registration/protection)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1222870 Elite Licensing Company SA Activision Publishing, Inc., A corporation of Delaware
1488236 XIAPEX Auxilium International Holdings, Inc.. MERCK Sante
1521491 Cazna Australia Pty Ltd. The New Zealand Way Limited
1190586 Charel Pty Ltd and Allbut, Charles Joseph Richard and Manimex Services Pty Ltd and Masterquip Pty Ltd and Allbut, Elyse Margaret and Jaymont Investments Pty Ltd Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
1510643 FUNTREPRENEUR Interested Media Pty Ltd. Southcorp Brands Pty Limited
1467621 Mastershop Pty Ltd Master Lock Company LLC
1381585 PIEMINISTER Pie Minister Limited. Mr William Gregory
1451616 SPEEDMASTER Sydney Speed Supplies Pty Ltd Renault S.A.S
1385448 Thai World Import & Export Co., Ltd.. Albert Bartlett & Sons (Airdrie) Limited
1509047 Tropicsurf Holdings Pty Ltd. T.R.B. International S.A


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1456536 manetailnance Colarusso Investments Pty Ltd. Straight Arrow Products Inc
1513190 Globalwafers Co., Ltd. Globalfoundries Inc.
1523928 Bostic Greaves, Travis. Bostik Australia Pty Ltd
1472014 Mpyre Group Pty Ltd. Zumiez Inc.
1358878 ASTERIX MUSIC Ministry of Sound Australia Pty Ltd. Les Editions Albert Rene
1483055 POTBELLY Potbelly Sandwich Works, LLC and Potbelly Sandwich Works, LLC. Peter Rohan Schatz And Pot Belly Pies Pty Ltd
1513327 Yellocal Presence Unlimited LLC USA Arizona. Telstra Corporation Limited