Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 18 July 2013

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 18 July 2013.

If you wish to oppose the registration of trade marks of others, or if your own applications have been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Trademark Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ATMOSS for the current status of any of the trademarks below.

Opposition Filed

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1526044 THE AMERICAN EXPRESS NETWORK. TAKE ADVANTAGE. American Express Marketing & Development Corp. American Airlines, INC
1537931 ARGENTA Argenta Discovery 2009 Limited. Argenta Limited
1532612 Aussie Liquor Pty Ltd. Aussie Liquor Discount Pty Ltd
1376985 Bella Bulgaria AD. Tuscany Foods Pty Limited
1523211 Chen, Bang Xin. Guccio Gucci SPA
1448176 1448179 Crowntop Pty. Ltd. Pacific Magazines Pty Ltd
1506659 EASTY INDUSTRIES Eastcott, Ashley and Eastcott, David. Industrie IP Pty Limited
1457065 ENDURA Endura Ltd. Health World Limited
1539517 Savoy Club Georg VAISE. Herman Jansen Beverages Nederland Bv
1533560 Skinny Lab Happy Lab Australia Pty Ltd and PM Happy Lab Pty Ltd as trustee for The P&M Meurs Family Trust No.4. Parmalat Australia Pty Ltd
1525079 LIVING SURFACE Judd, Layton. Microsoft Corporation
1459623 Julius K9 Julius-K9 Bt. ALDI Foods Pty Ltd
1526313 Just Planet Pty. Ltd. Ulrich Justrich Holdings AG
1525139 PLATYCAT Kearney, Joseph. Caterpillar, Inc.
1531447 Scratch laugh and win LOYALTY.COM.AU PTY LTD. Lotteries Commission
1443287 ULTRAFLEX Mapei S.P.A.. Parexgroup Pty Ltd
1521331 STAR ACCESS OnePath Administration Pty Limited. C.V. Starr & Co. Inc. and Starr International Company, Inc.
1534251 BEERLYMPICS Panama Red Productions Pty Ltd. Comite International Qlympique
1469685 ITUNE AUSTRALIA Pritchard, John. Apple Inc.
1350525 Research Medical Pty Ltd. Johnson & Johnson
1523721 Rich Products Corporation. K-Tec, Inc.
1415233 Rosche Paper Pty Ltd. Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
1526212 SUSHI BIBIGO Sushi Bibigo Pty Ltd. Cj Foodville Corp.
1523134 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Intel Corporation
1397386 SYNERGY Stefan Laursen. GSM (Operations) Pty Ltd
1536339 STELLA McCARTNEY Stella McCartney Limited. Stella & Dot LLC
1508351 Cariluv Sweetser, Caron. N.V. Nutricia
1525299 The Crown in the Right of the Commonwealth of Australia. Mastercard International Incorporated
1528820 Tina West – as trustee for the West Family Trust. Beats Electronics LLC
1528819 MYTBEAT Tina West – as trustee for the West Family Trust. Beats Electronics LLC


Opposition Discontinued (Proceeding to registration/protection)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1432410 SHOWCASE Buspak Advertising Group Pty Ltd. Jewellery Industry Management & Agency Company Ltd
1509250 Dairy Farmers Pty Limited Sanitarium Health And Wellbeing Company
1274576 GOS-X Eremad Pty Ltd. Novartis AG
1468410 Group Cannon Pty Ltd. Hugo’s Management Pty Limited
1323807 MULTIFLO Weir Minerals Australia Limited. General Electric Company
1520189 Woof Creative Solutions Pty Ltd. Woof Media Pty Ltd
1381669 Zhao, Hong. Robert Cheek


Opposition Dismissed (Proceeding to registration/protection)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1268283  Citiwide Mortgage Services 1322319 Citiwide Home Loans. More Choice. Better advice Citiwide Holdings Pty Ltd. Citigroup Inc


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1335802 Cisco Systems International Sarl. Ivision Pty Ltd
1473572 ONVERTIS Defiante Farmaceutica, S.A.. Novartis AG
1364628 viagum Viagum Laboratories Limited. Pfizer Products Inc.


Opposition (Trademark Refused)

Trademark Applicant Opponent
1215534 Dent Wizard Smart Repair Australia Pty Limited. Wizard Automotive Systems Pty Ltd
1332624 Wistron Shi, Zheng. Wistron Corporation