Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 17 May 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 17 May 2012.


The following trademarks have been opposed as at 17 May 2012.


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1453767 IBAD Metropage Pty Ltd. (Apple Inc.)
1453210 Boyd, James. (Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Pty Ltd)
1437022 Burns, David. (Double Eagle Brands N.V.)
1453921 Oh What a Night! Camilleri, Renee and Premier Entertainment Pty Ltd (Dynamic Management Pty Ltd)
1336724 CASTLE GLEN Castle Glen Liqueurs Australia Pty Ltd (The Scotch Whisky Association)
1437475 CLIMATECH Climatech IP Holdings Pty Ltd. (Climatech Pty Ltd)
1424305 WALEX Exodor Technologies, LLC (Wilex Ag)
1453844 Farmsafe Queensland Limited (Chemcert Limited)
1453822 Folk Pty Limited. (Folke Pty Ltd)
1416926KEYSTONE HOSPITALITY 1416928 Fraser Gordon Investments Pty Ltd. (Keystone Group Holdings Pty Ltd)
1446642 Home and Away Caravans Hunter Property Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd (Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd)
1452942 McMenemy, Layne. (Triumph Intertrade AG)
1411486 PRAGA – Export s.r.o.. (Prada S.A.)
1431271 PUNCHTOWN Punchtown Ltd a company organised and existing under the laws of England and Wales. (Punch International Pty Ltd)
1438036 CHATENEUF ROYAL WINE CORPORATION. (Institut National De l’Origine Et De La Qualite)
1449595 SWEENEY HOLDINGS LLC. (Gs Development Ab)
1294612 Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Limited. (Strategy Steps Pty Ltd)
1430616 Spiedo Holdings Pty Ltd. (Speedo Holdings B.V.)
1435976 Steadfast Group Limited. (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Of America, Inc.)
1422707 Tech Sport Group Pty Ltd. (Deus Ex Machina Motor Cycles Pty Ltd)
1449234 CHAMPIONS OF SOURDOUGH The Brasserie Bread Company Pty Limited. (George Weston Foods Limited)
1453295 Trading Reference Australia Pty Limited. (Netapp, Inc.)
1450465 FIVE TO DRIVE Whitchurch, Sharon. (Diabetes Australia)
1361835 OSPREY Wilton Bradley Limited. (Vorgee Pty Ltd)
1451703 WinWorld Australia Pty. Ltd. (Louis Vuitton Malletier)


Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1200473 MAVERICK Maverick Marketing and Communications Pty Ltd. (Madmann Trademark Holding Company Limited)
1304719 NELSONS PURE & CLEAR A. Nelson & Co. Limited. (Pharm-Acare Laboratories Pty Limited)
1257233 THE MOROCCAN Body Corporate for The Moroccan CTS 17574, (Mantra Ip Pty Ltd)
1255682 CITIC GROUP. (Citigroup Inc)
1337405 EUROPANEL EUROLINE PTY LTD. (Fairview Architectural Pty Ltd)
1369489 CITYDEAL Groupon, Inc. (Citigroup Inc)
1286828 Gustav Stabernack GmbH. (Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha)
1278059 STI Gustav Stabernack GmbH. (Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kausha)
1451717 HTC PLAY HTC CORPORATION. (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab)
1325518 1325519 Howes, Lawrence Michael. (Comvita Limited)
1334326 TITAN Import Manteau Pty Ltd (Titan Kofferwerk Gmbh)
1461401 Klutke, Aaron. (Catchoftheday.Com.Au Pty Ltd)
1354483 POWERLIFT Li, Yuantao and Launch Tech Pty Ltd. (Powerlift (Nissan) Pty Limited)
1338011 THE ORACLE ; THE ORACLE BROADBEACH Niecon Developments Pty Ltd. (Gold Coast Luxury Apartments Pty Ltd)
1328378 PEDDLE THORP 1328380 PEDDLE THORP & WALKER Peddle Thorp & Walker Pty. Limited. (Peddle Thorp Group Pty Ltd)
1366326 Qualitas Property Partners Pty Ltd. (Mastercard International Incorporated)
1441640 RAGING BULL Red Bull GmbH. (Red Bull Gmbh)
1447120 Robinson, Brenda and Robinson, Mark. (Mark Robinson And Brenda Robinson)
1397648 Tickets Pty Ltd. (Catchoftheday.Com.Au Pty Ltd)
1177760VAUSTRALIA 1185417 1185418 VB Ventures Pty Ltd. (Virgin Enterprises Limited)
1211871 VPACIFIC 1211970 1216747 VB Ventures Pty Ltd. (Virgin Enterprises Limited)


Opposition Discontinued


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1328378 PEDDLE THORP 1328380 PEDDLE THORP & WALKER Peddle Thorp & Walker Pty. Limited. (Peddle Thorp & Harvey Pty. Ltd.)


Opposition Dismissed

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1207226 VENTAIR Backwell IXL Pty Ltd. (Gary Purcell)
1090820 GAMESTOP Elbo, Inc. a Delaware corporation. (Gamestop Pty Ltd)
1338602 apacer Huizhou Huiyang Kedaxin Electronics Co., Ltd. (Apacer Technology Inc.)
1325943 510 POWERLUBE Motul. (Chem-Trend Limited Partnership)
1337188 BITE BUSTERS Wilson, Sylvia and Wilson, Danny. (Velma Harris)


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1355900Crustys Chaplin, Geoffrey Dean. (Continental Mills, Inc)
1426265 Shop Bop Emporium Retail Group Pty Ltd. (Bop Llc)
1442766 piaGGio Goston AVend Pty Ltd. (Piaggio & C. S.P.A.)
1354426 MADISON AUSTRALIA Jabari Trading Pty Ltd. (Acp Magazines Limited And Hmi Australia, Llc)
1243619 BREAKFREE MOROCCAN Mantra IP Pty Ltd (The Body Corporate For The Moroccan Esplanade Tower Cts 16603)
1408799 sodeex Miertschink, Andre Felix. (Sodexo)
1431438 People’s Choice Money Awards Mozo Pty Ltd. (Nine Network Australia Pty Limited)
1438036 CHATENEUF ROYAL WINE CORPORATION. (Institut National De l’Origine Et De La Qualite)
1434633 SPANTA PTY LTD. (Philip Morris Brands Sarl)
1447674 TriActiTan Sugarbaby International Pty Ltd. (Beautybank Inc.)


Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1290665 Jason Boyce. (Twitter, Inc)
1291728 Max Distributors Pty Ltd. (Shri Ganesh Traders Au Pty Ltd And Harihar Foods Pvt Ltd)
1287716 Saks International Sak, Ebru. (Saks & Company)