Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 13 September 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 13 September 2012.

If you wish to oppose the registration of trade marks of others, or if your own applications have been opposed by third parties, please contact us.


Opposition Filed


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1473928 ALITALIA Alitalia Constructions Pty Ltd. Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.P.A And Marco Di Paolo
1471517 ZENSA Campbell, Rebecca. La Senza Corporation
1475228 Charles Tims Charles Tims Pty Ltd. Acoustic Industries Pty Limited
1464385 Jacobsen, Sharif. Original Buff, S.A.
1457673 Jecanta Pty Ltd. Bundy American, LLC
1473745 Khattar, Elias. Stephen Carl Henschke And Prudence Margaret Henschke
1359092 LAWCPA Lawcpa Limited. CPA Australia Ltd
1476351 Nuka Cola Ntolas, Christos. Zenimax Media Inc.
1470717 Sojo Pty Ltd. DC Comics
1415469 Prosper Superfert Pty Ltd. Bayer AG
1473040 The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q). Ramsay Health Care Limited
1468828 Townsville City Council – Integrated Sustainability Services. Sunpower Corporation
1472375 Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited. Qantas Airways Limited



Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1464999 SMARTFORM Arrow Wood Products Pty Ltd. Helen Karpin and Matthew Green
1401403 Chatime Pty Ltd. Sapat International Pvt Ltd
1321333 GRASSMANSHIP 1420088 Nufarm Australia Limited. Grass Manufacturers Pty Lt
1368270 REDBELLY Redbelly Citrus Pty Ltd. Red Bull Gmbh
1367236 Tecnica Group S.p.A.. Moov Culture Pty Ltd



Opposition Dismissed

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1367224 ONE BRIGHT POINT Coral Blue Resort Management Pty Ltd. Meridien Apartments Pty Ltd
1381868 EASYGO TRIM-DOWN Easygo Trim-Down Pty Ltd. Parmalat Australia Ltd
1359316 Leyshan, Trent. David Bentley


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1335628 ENOX Aventis Pharma S.A. Glaxo Group Limited
1451884 Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited. Parmalat Australia Ltd
1386340 Thai Essence Day Spa Pty Ltd. Bora Creations S.L.
1373308 COCO LIBERACE Ullo, John. Chanel Limited



Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1373321 1373322 GLOBAL PET PRODUCTS PTY LTD. Qian Hu Corporation Limited
1305329 FUN GALORE Fungalore Melbourne. Margaret Trewin
1344497 BARBICAN Pioneer Insulations. Aujan Industries Co.
1334824 Shen, Lianping. Roman Borisov
1272671 Fit de Body Uni-Charm Kabushiki Kaisha. AB SCA Finans And SCA Hygiene Products AB