Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 13 December 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 13 December 2012.

If you wish to oppose the registration of trade marks of others, or if your own applications have been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Opposition Filed


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1509839 Voltagen Alpha Helix Inc. Novartis AG
1472008 Authenticateit Pty Ltd. Authentix, Inc.
1493762 AVOCET Avocet Mining PLC. Avocet Resources Limited
1489515 Monster Pitch Ballast Stone Estate Wines Pty Ltd. Monster Energy Company
1398443 BEATS PRO Beats Electronics, LLC a Delaware limited liability company. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
1504980 CLOUDEE Boxee, Inc. a Delaware corporation. Xcerion Aktiebolag
1462995 RESOURCES SPECTATOR Business Spectator Pty Ltd. Ieyasu Pty Ltd
1488432 KOSAMA Clearview Developments Pty Ltd. Snap Fitness, Inc.
1412698 Dr. Tween Low Pty Ltd as trustee for Dr. Tween Low Medical Trust. Capital Radiology Pty Ltd
1493566 Evoque Property Evoque Property Pty Ltd and Ure, Kirsty. Land Rover
1470553 FEMAREN Global Therapeutics Pty Ltd. Novartis AG
1419416 TWEETHEARTS Hamdorf & Associates Pty Ltd. Twitter, Inc.
1474473 BUFFALO BILL Liquid Exchange Pty Ltd. Sazerac Company, Inc.
1491960 OPTICOAT Nemet, Miroslav. Zen Automotive Suppliers Pty Ltd
1489063 OCTAVO Octavo Pty Limited. Hungerford Hill Wines Pty Limited
1500965 BuzzOff Organic Formulations Pty Ltd. The Perfect Potion (Aust) Pty Ltd
1505519 Pinterest Premium Interest Limited a United Kingdom Limited Liability Company. Pinterest, Inc.
1495456 RockTech Rockwool International A/S. Roxtec International Ab
1494819 AlkaViva Stark, Patterson. Ian Blair Hamilton
1491658 halo pink Swayen Pty Limited. Apple And Pear Australia Limited
1493809 Sweatmaster Health & Fitness Pty Ltd. Jack Revens
1493807 SWEATMASTER Sweatmaster Health & Fitness Pty Ltd. Jack Revens
1477264 zeebox zeebox Limited. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited



Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1448564 ANZ ONESWITCH Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. One Big Switch Pty Ltd
1451876 URAHH BRA Ebeyan Enterprises Pty Ltd. Shear Enterprises, LLC
1454961 AHH!HHA Kripal, Kritesh. Shear Enterprises, LLC



Opposition Dismissed

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1307509 Petway Deeway Laboratories Pty Ltd as Trustee. Malcolm Robert Christie – Vicki Irene Christie



Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1490489 Inoxtrend HE 2020 Vision Pty Ltd as trustee for HE 2020 Trust. Inoxtrend SRL
1427894 Park, Sung Yang. Hunter Boot Limited
1435444 Zhenjiang Damianyang Shoes Co., Ltd.. “Dr. Martens” International Trading Gmbh



Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1402150 AC Bridge (Aust) Pty Ltd. Jiangyn Dexin Auto Parts (Chair) Co., Ltd
1338149 Kamal Khanbabaei General Trading Co. L.L.C.. Red Bull GMBH
1290439 Randle, Anthony. Cloudy Bay Vineyards Limited