Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up 1 November 2012

An Australian Trademark Opposition Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 1 November 2012.

If you wish to oppose the registration of trade marks of others, or if your own applications have been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Opposition Filed


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1478890 Anytime Food Pte Ltd. David Loh
1486953 1486954 1489804 1489807 1491969 1491971 1493806 1493808 1494893 1494895 1495235 1495236 Arnold, Brian Keith. Townsville City Council
1481747 Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd. Newcastle Permanent Building Society Ltd.
1481325 Castelli Estate Pty Ltd. Beringer Blass Italia, S.R.L.
1482829 NEXTCONTACT Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. c/o The Trademark Group, APLC. Next Group PLC
1483193 Crop to Cup … we know coffee Espresso Enterprises Pty Ltd. Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd
1466228 J-CRETE FCI Holdings Delaware, Inc. Construction Research & Technology GmbH
1411800 Halfnine Media Pty Limited. 40/40 Creative Pty Ltd
1501189 HAYCO Hayco Manufacturing Limited. Hatco Corporation
1485731 IGC Garden Villages Pty Limited. Garden Village Port Macquarie
1467621 Mastershop Pty Ltd. Masters Home Improvement Australia Pty Ltd
1478414 1478417 Mineralogy Pty Ltd. Football Federation Australia Limited
1374645 Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited a company organised and existing under the laws of India. Himalayan Spring Mineral Water
1474211 1474213 NUGROW NuGrow Pty Ltd. Agrium Inc.
1483318 Olivegrove Trading Co. Pty. Ltd. Sunsweet Growers Inc
1444321 TOP GEAR Poolrite Research Pty Ltd. The British Broadcasting Corporation
1483741 SPACE SAFE 1483755 Space Safe Kidz Pty Ltd. Amanda Nella, Gail Rose
1378852 CMI 1378853 1378854 Sunlife Pty Ltd. Cmi Limited
1483235 DREAMTEAM Swiss Models Sportswear Pty Ltd. Vapormedia Pty Ltd
1482139 Tea Sung Pty Ltd. CMK Australia Pty Ltd
1484534 The Multitex Corporation Pty Ltd. Carboline International Corporation
1305501 ROYAL BLIND SOCIETY NEW SOUTH WALES Vision Australia Limited. Royal Society For The Blind Of SA INC
1423445 Weldtronic International Pty. Ltd. David Eugene Gerber, John Bruce Howard Gerber
1488845 YELLOW KORNER de Metz, Alexandre and Briat, Paul- Antoine. Telstra Corporation Limited
1482063 eurostar My Picture Pty Ltd. Eurostar International Limited



Opposition Discontinued

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1410306 Talidex Alan Spivack Ltd. Fisons Limited
1294656 Avid Technology, Inc. a Delaware corporation. WPP Luxembourg Gamma Sarl
1410297 ID Boards Pty Ltd. Id Software LLC
1470134 Welcome Summer Kaka, Rody and Alumbra Pty Ltd. Alumbra Pty Ltd As Trustee For The Alumbra Unit Trust
1456625 Michael Hill Franchise Pty Limited. pandora jewellery pty ltd
1362356 Sensio Labs SENSIO. Telstra Corporation Limited
1397263 RADIO WE MAKE THINGS GMBH. Radio Flyer Inc.



Opposition Dismissed

(Proceeding to registration/protection)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1299293 Delivery Army Pty Ltd. Ole Martin Chapman
1319627 Shiny Pty Ltd. Suyen Corporation


Opposition (Trademark Withdrawn)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1370509 1370510 1370511 1370514 WTC World Trade Centre Asset 1 WTC Pty Ltd. World Trade Centers Association
1364945 Aussieinsure Pty Ltd. The Travelers Indemnity Company
1470308 TOMMYGUNS Gifford, Jeremy. TG Corporate Holdings Limited
1414159 EPIQURE BY QANTAS FREQUENT FLYER Qantas Airways Limited. Spotless Services Australia Limited
1445148 Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd. Tomtom International B.V.
1474443 SCRUFFS The Reject Shop Limited. Riche Copains Distribution Limited



Opposition (Trademark Refused)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1355709 TRT Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia Pty Ltd. Hong Ren Tang Australia Corporation Pty Ltd
1381907 Andersen, Ishmael. Australian Performance Vehicles Pty Ltd
1247070 BIODROIDS Biodroid Entertainment, Lda. Lucasfilm LTD
1329882 My Kind of Crown Cromey, Steven. Crown Melbourne Limited And Foster’s Australia Limited
1329883 My Kind of Crown This Lager is Cromey, Steven. Foster’s Australia Limited
1373821 Impressions Furniture Latina, Mario R. Amnesty Holdings



Opposition (Trademark Rejected)


Trademark Applicant Opponent
1364556 Ferrero S.p.A. a company organised and existing under the laws of Italy.  N/A