Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up 4 July 2013

An Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 4 July 2013.

If you wish to start any non-use proceeding against trade marks of others, or if your own trademarks have had non-use proceedings brought against them by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Trademark Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ATMOSS for the current status of any of the trademarks below.

Non-Use Applications Allowed

Trademark Owner Applicant
457196 Irish Distillers Limited an Irish company. Joseph Company International, Inc.
667609                   KEITH PROWSE Keith Prowse International B.V. Seatern Travel Pty Ltd.
850703  VERTEX Alto Packaging Limited. Pudussery Abdul Bashir Hisham.
1000910  KAROUN Karoun Dairies S.A.L. Karoun Dairies, Inc.
1042261 Wiseman Custodians Pty Limited. Neat Feat Products Limited.
1051396 Dimitar Hristov Balev Irdium Satellite LLC.
1089713                FAIRFAX MEDIA Fairfax Media Limited. Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.

 Applications Filed

Notice of opposition to any of the undermentioned applications may be filed with the Trade Marks Office within the time prescribed.

Trademark Owner Applicant
339439  RIO Pisconeri Wholesalers Pty Ltd. Rio Coffee Pty. Limited.
339440  RIO Pisconeri Wholesalers Pty Ltd. Rio Coffee Pty. Limited.
526096 Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c.. AIB Pty Ltd.
747431  GEOS Geos Corporation. Geological Solutions Pty Ltd.
780989  CDT Nanjing Automobile(Group) Corporation. Summit Tyres Australia Pty Ltd.
843738  BURN The Coca-Cola Company a Delaware corporation. Evolution Fresh, Inc. A Delaware Corporation.
877509  OPUS ONE Opus One Winery LLC. Bruno Albrecht Gmbh & Co.Kg.
926259  OUTBACK Lin, Fong Chi. Outback Network Pty Ltd.
1031995  MODEL 101 Crowe, Russell. Endemol International B.V.
1079187 Australian Computer Traders Pty Ltd Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.
1206856  OKTOBERFEST Johnen, Karl-Heinz. Aldi Foods Pty Ltd.
1217578  V PLATES Guthrie, Matthew. Roads Corporation.
1301560 Olbertz Holdings Pty Ltd. Trimas Corporation Pty Ltd.

Non-Use Applications Withdrawn (trademark remains on register)

Trademark Owner Applicant
906091  SLINGSHOT Callplus Limited. Raven Industries Inc.
1063552   WATERCOOLER Watercooler Media Pty Ltd. Seek Limited.
1063560 Watercooler Media Pty Ltd. Seek Limited.
1134110  CLASS; SUPER CLASS Class Super Pty Limited. Name Media Pty Ltd.
1186729  BODYBLAST Pacific Magazines Pty Limited. Pacific Magazines Pty Limited.

Oppositions Lodged (to Non-Use Application)

 (The name in parentheses is that of the opponent)

Trademark Owner Applicant
420952  BAR-B-MATE Mcpherson’s Limited. The Mayo Group International Pty Ltd.
861709  ATUNE Atune Financial Solutions Pty Ltd. Honeywell International Inc.
864970 Atune Financial Solutions Pty Ltd. Honeywell International Inc.
918795  THE FIRM Gaiam Americas, Inc. Bard Investments Pty Ltd.
1094439  THE HOUSE WHISPERER Colston, David. Sentinel Property Group PtyLimited.
1119773 Mastercard International Incorporated A DelawareCorporation. Masters Home Improvement Australia Pty Ltd.
1155037 Superfund Unternehmensbeteiligungs-Ag. Ayrton Senna EmpreendimentosLtda.
1449503 Wadref Humified Compost Pty Ltd. Collison & Co.