Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up 29 November 2012

An Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 29 November 2012.

If you wish to start any non-use proceeding against trade marks of others, or if your own trademarks have had non-use proceedings brought against them by third parties, please contact us.

Non-Use Applications Allowed

Trademark Owner Applicant
Christalise SA. ALPHAPHARM PTY LIMITED on 20 July 2012 has been allowed.
1291635- COMOREBI
Hong, Won Ki. Application made by JM WORLD AU PTY LTD on 4 July 2012 has been allowed.

Non-Use Applications Lodged

A non-use application has been lodged against the following trademarks.  A person may, within three (3) months give Notice of Opposition to the non-use applications.

Trademark Owner Applicant
327870- Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd. Price Costco International, Inc.
633741- Thomas International Limited. Parktrent Properties Group Pty Limited.
865761- Sol-Air Industries Ltd. Janiece Taylor.
868712- ESSENCE
Urge Footwear Pty Ltd. The Supply Hub Limited.
948136- WE-EF Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG. Australia-Singapore Cable (International).
1015381- REBORNE
Enbryo Ltd. Unilever Plc.
1057100- Sweet Sensation Patisserie Pty Ltd. Aldi Foods Pty Ltd.
1098781- JMW
United Solomon (Shanghai) Co. Ltd and UnitedSolomon Lifts Pty Ltd. Jmw Co., Ltd.
1126873- Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd. Price Costco International, Inc.
1138304- SESAME
Novar ED&S Limited. Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited.
1171275- OUTBACK
Stratco (Australia) Pty Limited. Outback Batteries Pty Ltd.
1185067- Stuart Davon, Leon. Keech Castings Australia Pty Limited.
1214978- Monsieur Francois CARONIA. Betty Blue S.P.A.
1451023- LESCO
A & A Australian Investments Pty Ltd. Lesco Technology Pte Ltd.


 Non-Use Applications Withdrawn (trademark remains on register)


Trademark Owner Applicant
61032- Republic Technologies (NA) LLC. Cotton On Kids Pty Ltd.
653283- ZIP
Iomega Corporation. Woolworths Limited.
839278- PRICELINE Incorporated a Delaware corporation. Priceline Pty Ltd.
942283- Parchem Construction Supplies Pty Limited. Winn & Coales International Limited.
973014- Lai, Chin Chou. Taiwan Sakura Corporation .
1209468- SARAR
Airborne Holdings Pty Ltd. Sarar Giyim Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret An

Oppositions Lodged (to Non-Use Application)

 (The name in parentheses is that of the opponent)


Trademark Owner Applicant
728739- Caruso’s Natural Health Pty Limited. Isabella Thomas Holdings Limited.
794487-PROFRESH Metroco Pty Ltd. Profresh Properties, Inc.
Water Works Wonders Pty Ltd. Name Drop Sarl.
1150838- Water Works Wonders Pty Ltd. Name Drop Sarl.
1166597- Atkins, Murray. Primitive Surf Pty Ltd.
1193505-ASPIRATIONS Aspire IP Pty Ltd. Dennis Family Intellectual Property Pty Ltd.
1407003- Vaishi Enterprises Pty Ltd. GSM Food and Spices Pty Ltd.