Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up 23 May 2013

An Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 23 May 2013.

If you wish to start any non-use proceeding against trade marks of others, or if your own trademarks have had non-use proceedings brought against them by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Trademark Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ATMOSS for the current status of any of the trademarks below.

Non-Use Applications Allowed

Trademark Owner Applicant
514404          BIOPHARMA Biovital Pty Ltd. Pronova Biopharma Norge AS.
514405                         BIOPHARMA Biovital Pty Ltd. Pronova Biopharma Norge AS.
571551 Memo Corporation Australia Pty Limited. Apn Outdoor (Trading) Pty Ltd.
875469 Wells, Peter Francis. Trinity Haircare Ag.
976393              ADVANCED LIVING Advanced Living Pty Ltd. Al Solutions Pty Ltd Trading AS Advanced Living Solution.
1028348                IMPRESSIONS Southcorp Brands Pty Limited. E.& J. Gallo Winery.
1034706                      THE YELLOW HAT TRIBE George, Irene. Lee-Anne Borham.
1062858 D. Tannous Pty Ltd. Chanel Limited.
1063015                BIOPHARMA Biovital Pty Ltd.. Pronova Biopharma Norge AS.
1063397 Didier Ambuhl and Christophe Durand and Claude Bronner. BJ Ball Limited.
1092725                     BC FORE MAXIMUS Trakport Pty Ltd and Stavni Pty Ltd. Merial Limited.
1113705 The Vegas Hotel Pty Limited and Unikorn Pty Limited. Beveridge Property Developers Pty Ltd.
1193568                      LOCAL LIFE Locallife Holdings Limited. Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd.
1213101                       MANA CREATIONS Volpe, Paula. Pegasus IP.
1214154               ACRYLISTONE Tomeo, Micheal. Kit Kitchens Australia Pty Ltd
1219493                  FUNKY MONKEYS Infinity Corporation Limited Funky Monkey Sports Pty Ltd
1267424                NOOVO NOOVO INTERNET d.o.o. Red 88 Pty Ltd
1268658 Crystal Trading B.V. Booster Budo & Fitness B.V.B.A.
1338463                   DANTE Unifin Holding S.A. Questo & Quello Pty Ltd

 Non-Use Applications Lodged

A non-use application has been lodged against the following trademarks.  A person may, within three (3) months give Notice of Opposition to the non-use applications.


Trademark Owner Applicant
207612                  EYLURE EYLURE Ltd Original Additions (Beauty Products) Limited
281418                  GOLDAIR Thebe International Pty Ltd. CDB Media Limited
373715                   STYLINE Automotive Brands Group Pty Ltd. BSH Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh
373720                      STYLINE Automotive Brands Group Pty Ltd. BSH Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh
615770 II Rep-Z, Inc.. Johns Lyng Group Pty Ltd
723020                      DOMINO Candida Stationery Limited. Domino’s IP Holder Llc
750711 Levine, Cecil Laurence. Suppertime Services
756756                     GASTRUL Ranvet Pty Ltd. Biogaia AB
764473 Levine, Cecil Laurence Suppertime Services
768877                   HEALTHCHECK The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited. Lawrence Michael Bloomfield
774885 Pea in a Pod Pty Ltd. Cave Springs, Inc
796526 International ANEC Pty Ltd. Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd.
800872                        OLD GARAGE Garage International LLC. Garage Nternational Lux Sarl
802777                         PEA IN A POD Pea in a Pod Pty Ltd. Cave Springs, Inc.
821725                        BATTMAN Battaerd Mansley Pty Limited. DC Comics
875027                         TREKLITE 3 Peaks Outdoor Gear Pty Ltd. Eberhard Gobel Gmbh + Co.
890650 The Cobra Group Pty Limited. Sis
904341                     RETINAR Eastman Kodak Company a New Jersey corporation. Apple Inc.
922719                           BOVAMINE HANDILIQUID Phibro Animal Health Pty Ltd. Nutrition Physiology Company, Llc
929885                             JEWELS Mars Australia Pty Ltd. Stolen Recipe Pty Ltd
932632                       INFACARE Fonterra Brands (Singapore) Pte Limited. Aspen Pharma Pty Ltd
987505                        MATES Petterson, Rudy and St.Ledger, Henry. Returned & Services League Of Australia (Queensland Br)
997419 Mineral Waters Plant “RRR” Closed Joint Stock Company. Baco Pty Ltd
1014023 Movenpick-Holding AG. Comptoir Mediterraneen De L’olive (Societe Anonyme)
1025973                          ROOK Myer Pty Ltd. Rook Clothing Company, Llc
1036574                      PEBL Motorola, Inc. a Delaware corporation. Abine Limited
1048102 QB Net Co., Ltd.. Just Cuts Franchising Pty Ltd
1048103 QB Net Co., Ltd.. Just Cuts Franchising Pty Ltd
1058003 Movenpick Holding AG. Comptoir Mediterraneen De L’olive (Societe Anonyme)
1086442                         TRENDWOOD Dynamic Portfolio Pty Ltd. Adelaide Marble Specialists Pty Ltd
1088998 Chan, Danielle. Danielle Fashion Pty Limited
1089551                    SCRIBE Scribe Music Ltd. HTC Corporation
1091681                     CINDOSYL Alphapharm Pty Limited. Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Limited
1097230                          IWANTITNOW! Inventive Rational Pty Ltd. Mail Call Couriers Pty Limited
1097940                        ENERGY EXPLORER Lingam, Indran D. Origin Energy Limited
1111651                         TELVU Roohizadegan, Katarina. Tell Marketing & Research Pty Ltd
1161522 PEPSICO INC a North Carolina corporation. Diageo Ireland
1166953                          JOURNEY Korjo Pty Ltd. Barnes Business Trust
1169364 Moss, Kerry and Perris, Darren. Sears Brands, Llc
1173120                       FAIRWORK Scott, Kevin. The Crown In The Right Of The Commonwealth Of Australia
1174066                     MYTRIP Travelforce Pty Ltd. Makemytrip Limited
1176020                       SAVANNA AVACADO”S Kelly, Ann Eiken and Savage, Kevin James. Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd
1180190                       ILUMINA COSMETICS Svilicich, Reine’. Wella Gmbh
1196728                      MIRO Endeavour Vineyards Pty Ltd. Miro Wines Pty Limited
1227071                          JUST LUSH Draper, Rebecca. Cosmetic Warriors Limited
1228068                      BLUNT BROLLY May, Ivana. Madeblunt Limited
1229207 CYBERGUN societe anonyme. Otkrytoe AktsionernoeObchtchestvo “Likerovodotchny Za,
1236418 International ANEC Pty Ltd. Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Foods Co., Ltd
1278301                     SIMPLA Simpla International Limited. Lino Manfrotto + Co S.P.A
1345088                      CRESCENT GLOBAL Crescent Global Limited. Crescent Investments Australasia Pty Ltd
1354234 Strategic Aviation Group Pty Ltd. Nine Strategiv Pty Limited
1449503 WADREF Humified Compost Pty Ltd. Collison & Co


Non-Use Applications Withdrawn (trademark remains on register)


Trademark Owner Applicant
605841                  HIGHLANDS Countrywide Australasia Limited. Rangers Valley Cattle Station Pty Ltd
744132                   TRAVELLER Icom Australia Pty Ltd. Singtel Optus Pty Limited
780630                     PT EJOT GMBH & CO KG. Eastcoast Fasteners Pty Limited
832886                  MARQUEE Marquee (Aust) Pty Ltd. Morji Pty Ltd
1002655 Bunzl Outsourcing Services Limited. Primus Corporation
1035939                WELCOME TO WONDERLAND Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.. Cmd Holdings Pty Ltd
1106620                   GLOBE Globe International Nominees Pty Ltd. Moose Creative Pty Ltd
1108187 Steen, Mary C and Steen, John E. Chemichal Technology Pty Ltd
1194745                  ST PETERS LUTHERAN COLLEGE IRONBARK CAMPUS Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District. St. Peter’s Brewery Co. Limited
1209449 Globe International Nominees Pty Ltd. Moose Creative Pty Ltd
1214297 Blomfield, Sue-Ellen and Blomfield, Tim. Barry Callebaut Ag
1216321 Restoration Industry Association, Inc.. Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Indus
1229267                  RIA Restoration Industry Association, Inc.. Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Indus