Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up 19 September 2013

An Australian Trade Mark Non-Use Proceedings Round-Up from the Trade Mark Office Journal dated 19 September 2013.

 If you wish to start any non-use proceeding against trade marks of others, or if your own trademarks have had non-use proceedings brought against them by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Trademark Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ATMOSS for the current status of any of the trademarks below.

Non-Use Applications Allowed

Trademark Owner Applicant
206935                   KLOPMAN Burlington Industries LLC. Textile S.A.R.L.
382880                            VISTA Storefund Subsidiary No. 1 Limited. Vista-Pro Automotive, LLC.
640403 Golden Circle Limited. George Weston Foods Limited.
764473 Levine, Cecil Laurence. Suppertime Services.
1028626                 GEMSTONE Guangzhou Bolex Tyre Ltd. Bridgestone Corporation.
1030765              NEOTITANIUM Creative Technology Ltd. Appcelerator, Inc.
1049328 Golden Circle Limited. George Weston Foods Limited.
1057176 Golden Circle Limited. George Weston Foods Limited.
1086946 Asos Kuyumculuk Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi. Asos PLC.
1116711                        VAN MAN Bowden, James. Michael Cummins.
1227071                    JUST LUSH Draper, Rebecca. Cosmetic Warriors Limited.

Applications Filed

Notice of opposition to any of the undermentioned applications may be filed with the Trade Marks Office within the time prescribed.

Trademark Owner Applicant
761801 Aussie Beverages Pty Ltd. Automotive Burg Design Australia Pty Ltd.
763648                        MUNCHOS Pepsico Inc A North Carolina Corporation. Griffin’s Foods Limited.
790984                      SUPERCONTROL Super Concepts Pty Ltd. Mcqueen Financial Group Unit Pty Ltd.
825955                          VIVID Vivid Learning Pty Ltd. Vivid Maths.Com.Au
991081                      TWILIGHT TEMPTATION Delecroix, Michelle. Summit Entertainment, LLC.
997188                      NUTRIOS H J Heinz Company Australia Ltd. X-Technology Swiss GMBH.
1008508 United Credit Union Limited. Bradana Pty Ltd.
1052188 The Maelstrom Trading Group Pty Ltd. Aura Light International AB.
1053633 Wallace, Richard WaldenAnd Wallace, Brenda Margaret. Nile Clothing AG.
1059675 Scootoz Australia Pty Ltd. Scoot Pte. Ltd.
1093651                    VIVEX Scott, Keith Douglas. Metrotech Corporation.
1212825                   MALIK CAMBAR II De Varda, Joseph. MZ Holding AG.
1227888 Ningbo Baofeng Tools & Measuring Co., Ltd (Ningbo Baofeng Gongliangju Youxian Gongsi). Ashima Ltd.
1241635                     NATURE PROTECT PZ Cussons (International) Limited. The Purist Company Pty Ltd.
1242540                  AQUADUCK Mcintyre, John and Quack’rduck Pty Ltd. Cooley Investments Pty Ltd.
1288260 Argenta Limited. Argenta Discovery 2009 Limited.

Non-Use Applications Withdrawn (trademark remains on register)

Trademark Owner Applicant
724799 Rainforest Cafe, Inc. Intellectual Plus Pty Ltd.
783955                                 HOT SHOT I.G.T. (Australia) Pty Limited. Bally Gaming, Inc.
837975                   RAINFOREST CAFE Rainforest Cafe, Inc. Intellectual Plus Pty Ltd.
898648 Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) PtyLtd. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellsha.
967354                     VIXEN A. Royale & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd. TTNL Limited .
1073602                   KOOYONG Windsor Smith Pty Ltd. Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club Inc.
1087860 Roze, Lauraine. Adelaide Festival Centre Trust.
1098657 Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Community Cps Australia Limited.
1098661 Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Community Cps Australia Limited.
1100559 Careplus Pharmacy Group Pty Ltd. Care Plus Pharmacy Pty Ltd.
1189894 Onesteel Recycling Pty Limited. Jorge Regidor-Yanez And Sergio Regidor-Yanez.

Oppositions Lodged (to Non-Use Application)

(The name in parentheses is that of the opponent)

Trademark Owner Applicant
609016 Harris, Mr Kerry. George Weston Foods Limited.
1195339            BREWNIVERSITY GM Leisure Pty Ltd. QBA Pacific Pty Ltd.
1200300                    STICKY MITTS Johnson, Melissa. Lakeland Limited.