Australian Patent Round-Up 30 May 2013

An Australian Patent Opposition, Revocation and Extension of Term Round-Up from the Patent Office Journal dated 30 May 2013.

If you wish to oppose the grant of a patent, or if your grant own application has been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Patent Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check AUSPAT for the current status of any of the patents below.


Opposition Proceedings


Opposition Lodged

Acceptance of the following patent applications has been opposed:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2008234400 Mounting of wear members CQMS Pty Ltd Esco Corporation
2008265521 Fabric for use in hoarding Roetger, C. Scafclad Pty Ltd
2009344269 Method for the treatment of mixed hydroxide product produced in a metal extraction process Enfin Nickel Pty Ltd First Quantum Minerals Limited
2011202434 System and method for cleaning a grinding machine Urnex Brands, Inc. Cafetto Pty Ltd
2011265499 Altered FAD2 and FAD3 genes in brassica and the molecular marker-assisted detection thereof Dow AgroSciences LLC Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc
2012202134 Anti-TNF antibodies and methotrexate in the treatment of autoimmune disease The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Celltrion, Inc


Opposition Withdrawn

Opposition to acceptance of the following applications has been withdrawn, and the application shall proceed to sealing:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2006234593 Intramedullar osteosynthetic device for two bone parts of the hand and/or foot Peyrot, J.; Memometal Technologies; Augoyard, M.; Meusnier, T. Makay, C.
2008201356 Rock box liners CQMS Pty Ltd ESCO Corporation
2009222599 Portable instant hot water heater The Coleman Company, Inc. Primus Australia Pty Limited

Opposition Dismissed

No additional opposition proceedings have been dismissed.

Applications Withdrawn

The following applications have been withdrawn following opposition:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2006201823 Cable bolt Garford Pty Ltd DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty Limited


Extensions of Term of Standard Patents

Applications Filed

No applications for Extension of Term under Section 70 have been made.

Applications Accepted

No application(s) for Extension of Term have been accepted under Section 74.

Extensions granted

No additional applications for Extension of Term have been granted under Section 76.


Surrendered and Revoked Letters Patent

Surrendered Letters Patent

No patents have been offered for surrender.

Revocation of Letters Patent

No additional patents have been wholly or partially revoked.