Australian Patent Journal Round-Up 7 February 2013

An Australian Patent Opposition, Revocation and Extension of Term Round-Up from the Patent Office Journal dated 7 February 2013.

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Opposition Proceedings

Opposition Lodged

Acceptance of the following patent applications has been opposed:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)


Recombinant or transgenic factor VII composition, each factor VII molecule having two N-glycosylation sites with defined glycan units LFB Biotechnologies Steven Borovec

Acceptance of the following patent applications has been opposed under section 104(4)

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2010200162 Core Sample Orientation Australian Mud Company Pty Ltd Coretell Pty Ltd

Opposition Withdrawn

Opposition to acceptance of the following applications has been withdrawn, and the application shall proceed to sealing:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2007313700 Performing trick play functions in a digital video recorder with efficient use of resources TiVo Inc. Foxtel Management Pty Ltd
2008316558 Method and apparatus for transitioning a heavy equipment hauling rear loading trailer between transport and loading positions Hagenbuch, L. Bosich (1955) Pty. Ltd.
2005322067 Polymer-von Willebrand factor-conjugates Baxter Healthcare SA; Baxter International Inc. Pickering, W.
2006240038 Materials and methods for respiratory disease control in canines Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.; University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.; The Government of the United States of America As Represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pickering, W.


Opposition Dismissed

No additional opposition proceedings have been dismissed.


Applications Withdrawn

No additional applications have been withdrawn following opposition.


Extensions of Term of Standard Patents

Applications Filed

No applications for Extension of Term under Section 70 have been made.


Applications Accepted

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term have been accepted under Section 74.


Extensions granted

The following applications for Extension of Term have been granted under Section 76:

Patent No. Title Patenee(s) Goods First Reg Approval Date Extension of Term Expiry Date
2003240669 Pharmaceutical composition comprising a renin inhibitor, a calcium channel blocker and a diuretic Novartis AG RASILAMLO HCT aliskiren, amlodipine, hydrochlorothiazide 12 Jun 2012 Extension of Term of patent pursuant to Section 77 expires on 12 Jun 2027


Surrendered and Revoked Letters Patent

Surrendered Letters Patent

No patents have been offered for surrender.


Revocation of Letters Patent

The following patents have been wholly or partially revoked in accordance with Section 137:

Patent No. Title Patentee(s) Date of Patent
2010100643 Wear plate Bradken Resources Pty Limited 13.12.2012