Australian Patent Journal Round-Up 6 December 2012

An Australian Patent Opposition, Revocation and Extension of Term Round-Up from the Patent Office Journal dated 6 December 2012.

If you wish to oppose the grant of a patent, or if your grant own application has been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Opposition Proceedings

Opposition Lodged

Acceptance of the following patent applications has been opposed:

Application No. Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2007302768Composite light weight gypsum wallboard United States Gypsum Company CSR Building Products Limited
2008253590Vibrating screen panel Ludowici Australia Pty Ltd Schenk Process Australia Pty Ltd
2009283835Substituted imidazole combinations Pfizer Inc. Merial Limited
2011200087Deformable mechanical pipe coupling Victaulic Company Tyco Fire Products LP

Opposition Withdrawn

Opposition to acceptance of the following applications has been withdrawn as at 29 November 2012, and the application shall proceed to sealing:

Application No. Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2010341423Method and system for managing customer relationships BNC Ventures B.V. Matthews, S.

Opposition Dismissed

No additional opposition proceedings have been dismissed.

Applications Withdrawn

The following applications have been withdrawn following opposition:

Application No. Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2005305460Stable atorvastatin formulations Dexcel Pharma Technologies Ltd. Stramandinoli, R.

Extensions of Term of Standard Patents

Applications Filed

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term under Section 70 have been made.

Applications Accepted

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term have been accepted under Section 74.

Applications Refused

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term have been refused.

Extensions granted

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term have been granted.

Surrendered and Revoked Letters Patent

Surrendered Letters Patent

The following patents have been offered for surrender:

Patent No. Patentee(s) Date of Patent Title
2007211882 Secretary of State for Defence 12 November 2009 Modulation signals for a satellite navigation system
2009101177 Bradken Resources Pty Limited 03 December 2009 Wear plate

Revocation of Letters Patent

No patents have been wholly or partially revoked.