Australian Patent Journal Round-Up 14 November – 12 December 2013

An Australian Patent Opposition, Revocation and Extension of Term Round-Up from the Patent Office Journal dated 14 November – 12 December 2013.

If you wish to oppose the grant of a patent, or if your grant own application has been opposed by third parties, please contact us.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Patent Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check AUSPAT for the current status of any of the patents below.

Opposition Proceedings

Opposition Lodged

Acceptance of the following patent applications has been opposed:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2010203457 Steroidal compositions Lipocine, Inc. Clarus Therapeutics, Inc.
2012202916 Novel immunogenic compositions for the prevention and treatment of meningococcal disease Wyeth Holdings Corporation Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc.
2006246494 An Improved Real Estate Signboard System Live Board Holdings Pty Ltd ABC Photosigns Pty Ltd
2007287098 Methods and compositions for treating cancer Cougar Biotechnology, Inc. Northern Rivers Pty Ltd
2007326985 Modified soluble FGF receptor Fc fusions with improved biological activity Aventis Pharma S.A. Five Time Therapeutic, Inc
2007232212 Slit banded paper Philip Morris Products S.A. British American Tobacco (Germany) GmbH
2008209720 Polypeptides having phytase activty and polynucleotides encoding same Novozymes A/S Danisco US Inc. & DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS
2011200045 Wood Impregnation Osmose New Zealand Arch Wood Protection Pty Ltd
2003249773 Method of lowering glycaemic index of foods BASF SE Horizon Science Pty Ltd
2009287037 Binary tilt image Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Innovia Security Pty Ltd
2011204924 Method, apparatus and system for parking overstay detection Vehicle Monitoring Systems Pty Ltd SARB Management Group Pty Ltd
2012304245 Method for detecting fluid injection in a patient T & T Global Solutions Pty Ltd; Ttaas Thommo’s Training & Assessment Systems Pty Ltd Quaker Chemical Corporation

Opposition Withdrawn

Opposition to acceptance of the following applications have been withdrawn:

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2005309050 Security arrangement for security documents Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Innovia Security Pty Ltd
2007202103 Flexible liner for hoppers or chutes Trelleborg Engineered Systems Australia Pty Ltd Skellerup Industries Limited
2008265521 Fabric for use in hoarding Roetger, C. Scafclad Pty Ltd
2009314512 Lenalidomide solvates and processes Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.; Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc. Celgene Corporation

Opposition Dismissed

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2008267367 Security element Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Crane & Co., Inc.

Applications Withdrawn

Application No. Title Applicant(s) Opponent(s)
2004236651 Releasable coupling assembly ESCO Corporation CQMS Pty Ltd
2006319766 Fastening assembly Keech Castings Australia Pty Limited CQMS Pty Ltd
2006333406 Wear assembly ESCO Corporation CQMS Pty Ltd
2007218013 Wear assembly ESCO Corporation CQMS Pty Ltd
2008251647 Wear assembly for excavating equipment Esco Corporation CQMS Pty Ltd

Extensions of Term of Standard Patents

Applications Filed

Patent No Title Applicant Reg Aprroval Date & Goods
2007211313 Compositions and methods for treating collagen-mediated diseases Auxilium International Holdings, Inc.; BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. 07 Aug 2013
XIAFLEX collagenase clostridium histolyticum

Applications Accepted

No additional application(s) for Extension of Term have been accepted under Section 74.

Extensions granted

Patent No Title Applicant Approval Date & Goods Expiry Date
2003253005 Cannabinoid liquid formulations for mucosal administration GW Pharma Limited 26 Nov 2012
SATIVEX nabiximols
26 Nov 2027
2009202434 Cannabinoid liquid formulations for mucosal administration GW Pharma Limited 26 Nov 2012
SATIVEX nabiximols
26 Nov 2027
2001268427 Antibodies that immunospecifically bind to blys Human Genome Sciences, Inc. 18 Oct 2012
BENLYSTA belimumab
15 Jun 2026
2005282722 Pyridyl Inhibitors of Hedgehog Signalling Genentech, Inc.; Curis, Inc. 09 May 2013
ERIVEDGE vismodegib
09 May 2028


Surrendered and Revoked Letters Patent

Surrendered Letters Patent

No patents have been offered for surrender.

 Revocation of Letters Patent

Patent No. Title Patentee Date of Patent
2008221503 Public distress beacon and method of use thereof Freebody, A.; Freebody, K. 03.10.2013